35 Surprising Weight-Loss Tricks That Don’t Involve Exercising

If the word “exercise” gets you running the other way instead of actually running in order to get in shape or lose weight, then this article is just what you need. You’ve come to the point that you’d pretty much do anything just to drop those extra pounds, however, when you think about where to start, you get confused and all you want to do is go to the fridge and eat that last slice of pizza from last night. Don’t give up just yet though, there are actually some really awesome and simple things you can do in order to get in better shape and eat healthier without doing any real exercise. These weight-loss tricks may come as a surprise and might sound like a myth, but they’re definitely a good place to start.

Be Realistic

First and most importantly, once you’ve made the decision that you want to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle, make sure you set some realistic goals for yourself. Don’t expect to lose those extra 5 pounds within two days, or don’t beat yourself up if you still can’t give up on that extra chocolate bar after dinner. Be patient with yourself and with your body and things will just naturally work out.


Slow Chewer

Did you know it take around 20 minutes to feel completely full after you’ve had a meal? So next time you want to hog that sandwich because you’re so hungry, just try and take your time with it and chew more slowly. This will help the food go down the digestion system more smoothly and those satiety signals will reach your brain on time. Or you can just think of those skinny French people who’ve adopted that system of chewing slowly a long time ago. One you’ll feel fuller after a meal, you won’t have that need to consume food as often as you do.


The Food Diary

It’s well known that writing things down helps you remember them better. Keeping a food journal that documents everything you had to eat or drink and in specific portions, will not only help you remember, but studies have proven that people who note what they eat every day and are more honest and conscious about it, are more likely to lose weight than people who don’t keep track of what they eat.


Go Shopping

Whether you need to get a new pair of jeans or you just feel like treating yourself, either way, shopping equals walking, and walking is always a good idea when it comes to losing weight. Not only will you get to enjoy the process, you will also actually do some sort of exercise without even realizing it. And here’s a little bonus to get your , if the store is located on the second floor of the mall, try using the stairs instead of the elevator.


Water Helps

Water has so many benefits when it comes to our well being, and even more so when it comes to losing weight. A person who drinks extra three or four glasses of water a day, has a better chance to eat less calories. Besides, if you guzzle a glass of water before each meal, you will have a sense of fullness quite instantly that will help keep you from eating extra.


Keep Your Eye on the Price

There’s really nothing worse than pulling an old pair of skinny jeans or a cocktail dress that you used to wear all the time just to realize that you don’t fit in them anymore. If you need some extra motivation to lose those annoying pounds that keep you from fitting in those old clothes, just hang them in your room where you can clearly see them, and their sight might give you that little push you may need to work harder.


Cleaning Your Weight Down

We all know what a pain cleaning the house can be. But would you feel the same if you knew you can burn almost 200 calories from just vacuuming or sweeping for an hour? Well it’s basically a win win situation – you get a clean house and in return you end up burning those calories up.


Pro Portion

Studies have shown that if you place the same amount of food on a smaller plate, you will psychologically feel more full that is because th visual cue of having a plate full of food will have you feeling more satisfied than if you had a big plate with the same portions. So try reducing your plate size next time and see if it works.


Mirror Mirror

The thought of staring at your own reflection while you’re eating is pretty creep when you think about it, however is has been studied that having a mirror in your dining area will make you think twice before overeating and will help you cut those calories out. It sounds kind of odd, but try watching yourself in the mirror next time you eat. And hey, you might also enjoy a new decorative item in your kitchen.


Healthy Snacking

We’ve all been there, regardless of whether we’re hungry or not, we can’t help but not grabbing a small snack in between our meals. They might seem small, but they are your worst enemy when you try to let go of those pounds. We have good news for you though, you can always replace those unhealthy, full with trans fat snacks with healthier versions like pre cut vegetables.


Back Away from the TV

For some reason watching TV has been highly associated with eating and that habit can have some severe consequences. If part of your dinner ritual is parking in front of the small screen or the computer, try to change it and make your dinner all about the food that you’re eating, other wise you might end up being distracted and consume more than you should.


Bake Off

We know this may sound like an oxymoron, losing weight while baking a cake or making cupcakes, but you’ll be surprised to know that 30 minutes of washing pans, dishes and chopping can burn up to around 75 calories. While you’re at it, try stirring the batter instead of using the mixer and you could work on that jiggly upper arm.


The Weight Loss Mantra

Whether you believe in a self-fulfilling prophecy or not, this next trick won’t hurt you if you give it a shot. Instead of focusing on the things you know have zero chance you’d do them like resisting that dessert at the end of dinner, try repeating those positive thoughts and focus on the things you can actually do. These are just some of the thing s you could say to yourself: “I will lose weight”, ” I know I can resist that burger”, “I can take a 30 minute walk every day”.


One Stop Before

On your way to work or school or wherever your daily trip takes you, hop off the bus or the train one stop before. That will force you to walk the extra distance, and it’s another great way to explore the city. You could actually burn up to 150 calories if you just walk for thirty minutes.


The Breakfast Club

When it comes to losing weight, there are endless myths, theories and opinions that you really need to block out. One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to do when they want to lose weight is give up on the most important meal of the day – breakfast. Missing or skipping breakfast may lead to over consuming later in the day. It’s important to include protein and stick to a rationally-sized meal. And that of course doesn’t include bacon or other oily foods.


Go Dancing

If you enjoy dancing, clubbing or just hanging out at parties with your friends, then this one should be easy peasy for you to accomplish. From hip hop to salsa, next time you feel like moving, call your friend, put in a nice dress or jeans and hit your favorite club. Just make sure you don’t enjoy yourself too much with the booze so you don’t gain back those calories that you just burnt.


Sleep Sleep Sleep

Another very easy way to keep your goals straight is actually something you already do as part of your daily routine. Sleep. Try to get as much sleep as you can, or at least 7 hours every night. Sleeping well will prevent you from feeling overly hungry during the day. Also, a study from University of Michigan has shown that a person who sleeps an extra hour can assist in dropping a total of 14 pounds a year!


The Other Hand

Everyone has a dominant hand with which they do most of their daily activities, including eating. Try to place the fork in the other, less active hand and see how you will most likely eat more slowly and just less. A study that was done by the Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, found that those who ate popcorn with their non-dominant hand while they were watching a movie, actually snacked less because it didn’t feel so natural to them.


Cool It Down

Are you familiar with that scenario when you walk up to the fridge, open it and hoping to find something comforting? or just anything? and then you end up opening and closing the fridge door over and over. Well, then you’re probably not that hungry. Close that fridge door and go back to whatever you were doing.


Some Adult Time

When you make time for some hanky panky with your partner, you don’t only get to enjoy yourself, but in fact, during a thirty minute sex sessin, you can actually burn around 200 calories. Plus, it’s a great workout for your back muscles and thighs.


Baby Bites

When you gobble down a sandwich in just a few big bites, sure it will make you feel full instantly, but in the long run it will make you consume more. Vut your food into small pieces or just take time with your bites, and just by doing that you could take in 52% less calories.


When the Ligths Go Out

A study that was done in Cornell University found that people who ate under warm and dimmed lighting ate 175 less calories than those people who ate in bright environments. So light up those candles and forgo those fast food fluorescent lights, and you won’t only win some romance points, but you will actually eat less.


Chop it Off With those Chopsticks

It’s not only Asian food you can pick up with those sticks, try switching to chopsticks when you eat, that way you will work harder for your food, less portions will go in your mouth and you will become more conscious about what you eat.


Dog Walking

If you own a dog and you’re used to taking him for walks around the block or the closest park, why not go an extra mile, not only will your four-legged friend be happy and very appreciative, but you will benefit from burning more calories.


Green Tea

It’s been studied that drinking green tea helps your body burn more calories by being loaded with antioxidants, especially EGCG, which is known to be a metabolism booster. Either way, it’s always nice to start the day with a warm cup of tea.


Eat In

If you’re a big foodie or you just enjoy eating at restaurants, try to cut down on those visits and try to to eat more home-cooked meals. You never know exactly what’s being put in your food when you eat outside and you can’t fully control it, while at home you know exactly what’s inside. If you’re not a big cook or don’t really enjoy it, there are some great and small things you can do to help you cook more at home like pre-chopping your vegetables.


Sleep In a Cold Room

When you sleep in a chilly room, it actually forces your body to heat itself and staying warm, up which results in very passive calorie burning. It also, based on an article in Obesity Reviews, improves your metabolism.


Let It Snow

Whether you like to shovel snow or not, if you want to lose weight and burn a few extra calories, this could be a great aerobic workout for you. Do it for thirty minutes a day and you can burn almost 200 calories. T


Clean The Car

Forget those car washing places and start cleaning your own car. While you’re doing a very thorough job with that waxing on and off, you can actually burn around 130 calories in just thirty minutes. Plus, you can do a bunch of creative exercises like squats when you reach down to clean those tires or a couple of calf raises when you clean the roof top.


A Healthy Fridge

Try to stock up your fridge with healthy ingredients that you also find appealing. From fresh products to even frozen vegetables, as long there’s something healthy for you to eat, it will keep you from ordering, most of the times.


Eat Right and Sleep Tight

Have your dinner two or three hours before you go to bed, because when you eat too much before you go to sleep and when you eat at late hours, it can mess up with your digestion system and may cause you sleep problems.


Don’t eat in your PJs

And if we’re on the topic of eating and going to bed, try no to eat when you’re wearing your PJ’s. When you’re wearing baggy and loose clothing, you’ll be disillusioned to think that you are skinnier than you are and have room for those late night snacks. By wearing more body-fitted clothes, you become more conscious about your figure and it can help you control what goes in.


The Food Blues

Studies have proven that the color blue makes people eat less, in fact 33% less. That’s why you will rarely see fast food chains use blue in their restaurants to for decoration, as it’s considered a non-appetizing color. So next time you go shopping for your home, buy those blue plates that you first found to be quite ugly, because they might be what you need for your weight loss plan.


Eat With Your Man, or Any Man

We’re not so sure about this one, but it has been researched and shown that when eating in the company of a male, it makes you eat less. It might sound very 1950’s of us, but it’s worth giving it a try, just for the fun of it.


Pay With Cash

When you pay with cash, whether it’s at the grocery store or at a restaurant, it makes you more aware about what you purchased or consumed. This can help in the unnecessary load of junk food or just stuff you don’t really need.