40 reasons women live longer than men


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In the U.S., men are more likely to die 6.5 years younger than women. In the UK women outlast men by 5.3 years on average. In Russia, if you’re a man, expect to die 12 years before a woman! Although if you’re in India, women are only likely to live 6 months longer than men. The statistics show us that for some reason, women live longer than men. The fact that these figures change depending on where you live shows us that social factors must play a part in this longevity conundrum.

But with women going through the potentially life-threatening process of childbirth, why isn’t it the other way round? Scientists believe that women have become more resilient over the centuries, predominately thanks to childbirth! The female hormones, such as estrogen, which is needed for pregnancy and breastfeeding, are thought to have some serious health benefits – and can promote longevity. However, researchers and scientists don’t think this is the only reason that women live longer than men on average. They actually believe that it’s something to do with risk taking.

Men are far more likely to take risks than women. Call it a caveman thing, but men just love to prove they’re the alpha male in any situation. They’re also far more likely to come across dangers in the workplace and kinda ignore them. Whereas a female would report the issue and follow the necessary procedures. It all comes back to that ‘reading instructions’ or ‘asking for directions’ mindset. So, it comes as no surprise that those who take more risks are far more likely to not live as long. Whether it’s ignoring health and safety in the workplace or doing something just plain dumb, men are the more likely culprits. Especially these guys. These pictures are all the proof you need as to why women live longer than men.

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Planking On A Tiger

When the whole “planking” fad took off on social media, both men and women were making some pretty risky moves. This man, however, is definitely taking the cake with this attempt at a great plank. We’re not so sure this is the best maneuver to try on a live tiger. Even if he is tamed and held in a zoo cage.


Mattress Jumping!

We have to admit – this definitely looks like fun. We don’t think that the outcome would be as pleasurable, though. We just hope that the mattresses at this guy’s local hospital were as comfortable and bouncy as the ones at the bottom of these stairs.


A Hideaway From Home

Fixing cars may not exactly be our thing but we’re pretty sure you aren’t supposed to sit underneath a propped up vehicle, especially by yourself. From this angle, it looks like two wooden rods are holding the weight of the truck. Good luck with that, bro.


Where Can I Fit My Head?

We used to try this when we were younger! Except it wasn’t a chair that we were trying to fit our head through, it was the railings on the stairs. It’s okay, little guy. All you need is some oil or melted butter to get your head out and then, never try this again.


Wicked Warlock Of The West

Maybe a tornado came by and that explains the Wicked Witch of the West re-enectmant going on here? Regardless of what this wild child was thinking, we hope that pool is a little bit deeper than the average 6 feet. Otherwise, we’ll have a tidal wave on our hands.


Beard Of Bees

This has to be one of the worst, most half-baked stunts we’ve ever seen a male daredevil take on. We’re overlooking the amount of honey this guy wasted by luring the bees to his beard. Instead, we’re focusing on how the heck he’s going to get them off without getting stung.


A Man-Made Sinkhole

We thought sinkholes were supposed to be a danger to society? Instead of running scared from one of nature’s biggest problems, it looks like these three men are trying to get to the root cause of the dirt problem. Or, maybe they’re just bored and looking for some fun.


Cirque De So-No Way

What these two men are trying to accomplish is beyond our imagination. From what we know about construction equipment, there’s no way this ladder is standing on a well-balanced, stable surface. Hopefully, that roof will break their fall.


An Aquatic Obstacle

Here we have another example of a man trying to defy the laws of electricity. If that power drill falls out of his hands and into the water below him, he’s going to need an ambulance immediately. In fact, he should probably have them on speed dial just in case.


Painting Yourself In A Corner

Aren’t there certain types of construction equipment one can rent to get this sort of job done? Maybe a cherry-picker, or something similar to that? If this man falls off that plank, he’s gonna be real bummed with himself. If he falls off before finishing that paint job, he’ll probably be even more annoyed with himself.


Living On The Edge

We might feel a little more confident in this man’s strength if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s not even paying attention to his friend. Dangling over the side of the building isn’t exactly up our alley but hey, to each his own. Besides, we don’t even know how tall that building is…


Accidental Sky-Diving

There is no way that guy was able to hold his own weight for such a long period of time. At first, we thought maybe that there was a green screen in the background but this guy really seems to just be crazy. At least he got the picture he was taking this ridiculous risk for.


The Definition Of Hypocrisy

Yes, kids. Always remember to think about your safety before trying any dangerous stunts – which is exactly the opposite of what this employee is doing, right here. Judging by the position he’s straddling in, this could be one terrible fall (if it happens).


Two Heads Are Better Than One

This just seems a little unfair. One man is taking all the risk and the other gets to escape a fall that’s only a few feet off the ground. Two women would probably think to themselves “Gee. Why don’t we just bring a table out here?” But, no – these guys found another way.


Bombs Away…

How long do you think it would take for that electric friction to ignite those gas tanks on fire? This factory worker is in for a big, explosive surprise when turns around and sees the extra side-project he’s accidentally created. At least he’s wearing a safety mask.


Flat Couch Potatoes

We all know how this is going to end. Clearly, this couch could have just gone over the stairs on the other side of that wall but these teenage boys though it would be easier to risk flattening their craniums instead of doing the little extra work.


Poking A Sleeping Gator

If this guy knew anything about wild alligators, he probably wouldn’t be poking them as they minded their own business. Those large reptilians can run much faster than he’s aware and they don’t even need their teeth to consume you. They’ll just swallow you whole.


Dead Men Cycling

The real feat is jumping over your friend without killing him – not jumping over that tiny fire, pal. The living obstacle course is a friend, though. Most of the practical-minded people would tell him to cycle off a cliff if the biker brought this idea to us.


Someone’s Gotta Do The Dirty Work

So technically, the water isn’t touching the outlet or the top of the electrical cords. His feet, however, are a recipe for disaster. If he kicks or splashes around in that puddle of mud, the water won’t be kept at such a minimal distance. It’s the only reason he’s getting out of there alive.


That’s Why They Call It A Man Hole!

We never really paid too much attention to the reason behind the name of this small, underground street entrance but not that we see two irresponsible workers using it improperly, it makes total sense now. The least he could do is actually use his hands while his buddy is risking his life.


Straight Down The Middle…

If we’re correct in understanding how this little operating saw works, wouldn’t it go straight into the man’s back? Probably ruining his spine for, like, the rest of his life? Also, we see plenty of other tables available in this workshop to saw on. They may need to clear one off but hey, that’s work, isn’t it?


But, Where Is His Helmet?

he isn’t only dangerous for the man driving the scooter – it’s dangerous for everyone else on the road! Not only is he not wearing a helmet, but how exactly are his side view mirrors supposed to come in handy? He better hope no other driver smashes into the side of his new purchase.


Hanging By A Thread

The lack of proper weight distribution here is frightening. Surely, there was an option other than sky-towing this lawn mower? The straps, which happen to look like long pieces of cloth, probably aren’t right for the job. How exactly are they even holding the man’s weight plus the tractor?


Shiver Me Timbers

The amount of effort it took to even create this kind of contraption amazes us. It appears that this construction worker is using three ladders, two wooden boards, and a stack of books to prop himself up. If he needed to reach the ceiling so badly, why didn’t he just go buy one of those extended paint brush handles?


The Headless Truckman

On one hand, this reminds us of a roller coaster. On the other hand, it reminds us of a broken roller coaster that will decapitate us at any wrong or last-minute turn. Maybe this father and soon do this sort of thing frequently? It doesn’t really matter, though. They shouldn’t really be doing it all.


A Clown Car Turned Motorcycle

We’re pretty surprised that this motorcycle was able to ride long enough to get a good snapshot of it. You would think that the backside of the bike would tip over assoon as the engine started. At least all of the backside riders are wearing helmets.


What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin?

We’ll tell you what’s cooking. These two boys’ faces if they aren’t careful or at least take a step back from that grill. Look, we also love a good steak on the barby but not at the expense of our eyebrows. If those flames go up any higher, they’ll have to ask the lady of the house how to use an eyebrow pencil.


Free Fridge Delivery

This father and son duo could have started their own delivery service or maybe they just didn’t want to pay the delivery fee after buying a new fridge. WE don’t really care what their motive was for coming up with this moving plan but if that little boy gets hurt, his father will immediately regret this decision.


The Sparks Are Flying…

But literally, sparks are actually flying. This factory worker, for some reason unknown to us, thought it was a good idea to use a newspaper page to shield his face while working with flammable faces. One wrong move and he might need a new face following a trip to the emergency room.


Hatchet Ears…

The objective of this photo is hard to figure out but it makes us uncomfortable, nonetheless. Yes, we feel uncomfortable because of the hatchets located on top of this kid’s ears, although, a bigger question comes into play, as well. Who is taking the photo (especially at this angle) and how are they doing it?


A 3rd Leg To Stand On

This photo kind of speaks for itself. Don’t you think? This male party attendee could probably use a gun rack or even a coat stand to lean his weapon against. We don’t know about you, but this doesn’t seem like the type of any risk any man would want to take…


Go Big Or Go Home

You know what? We at least need to give this guy credit for having someone spot him. Now, whether or not the spotter is capable of catching so much weight at once is another topic of discussion. One thing is for certain, though. The ball underneath this lifter’s feet looks like it’s about to pop.


What Not To Do 101

This one makes cringe a little bit on the inside. This small, not so sturdy unicycle looks like it’s about to go over that cliff and this man will certainly take the long fall with it. Sure, the scenery is beautiful and everything but why can’t he just take a photo like a normal person?


Johnny AppleBeer

The old school version of this game is slightly different – Instead of a beer bottle on top of the boy’s head, there would be an apple and instead of a gun, the shooter would be using an arrow. Either way, we don’t recommend you trying this one at home.


Stuck Between A Wheel & A Hard Place

This is a freak accident in the making. We’re assuming that the keys to this tractor’s ignition are nowhere in sight but if it were, the man in this picture would be rolled out as flat as a pancake. That is if the excavator’s digger doesn’t flatten his feet first.


A Literal Water Fall

This is actually pretty impressive. For a brief moment, just before this poor man is crushed by the weight of these water jugs, the collection in total looks like a beautiful piece of artwork. Similar to an installation of sorts. Too bad it’s all about to come crashing down…


Hang Ten, Dude

From this photo, we can be certain that this building is high. It’s too high for a stunt like this to be performed so casually. At this point in our list, it has become ridiculously easy to see why women live longer than men. It’s not because we don’t do crazy things but we at least have a contingency plan in case something goes wrong!


Straight To The Dome

We don’t understand why this boy is smiling. Does he not understand that a bottle of Coca-Cola is about to hit him square in the nose? We highly doubt the soft drink company would be willing to reimburse his soon-to-be-needed nose job.


Life Or Death Situations

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you – exhibit A. Here, we have three men who believe they’re getting crafty and clever by using their flip flops as floating devices for their extension cord. In theory, this may seem like a good idea but in practice, that whole blow up could easily be electrocuted.


Batman Faces A New Villian…

Batman is used to taking risks out on the streets and apparently, he’s not afraid to act as a toriadore and stand up to a raging bull. We have a strong feeling, though, that this Batman’s suit of armor isn’t as equipped as Christian Bale’s was. Some extra soldier pads would be useful.