67 Athletes and Their Net Worth Today

Hope Solo – $2.5 Million

The American goalkeeper is estimated to have a net worth of $2.5 million. Solo made her money playing for the US women’s national team as well as Seattle Reign FC. Over the years, she signed endorsement deals with Nike, Bank of America, Gatorade and Blackberry, just to name a few. But she’s also been caught up in a few scandals, ended up being cut from the USWNT due to behavior issues and said she lost her endorsements. However Nike stood by her.


Odell Beckham Jr. – $4 Million

Odell Beckham Jr. is still at the beginning of his career, and currently worth an estimated $4 million to $5 million. The hotheaded wide receiver signed a four-year $10m contract with the Giants in 2014. But he has more money coming in, in 2015, Beckham signed a deal to become the new face of Head & Shoulders and has endorsement deals with Nike, Foot Locker and Lenovo as well. Beckham is also a spokesperson for ROAR Beverages, a company he’s also invested in.


Ryan Lochte – $6 Million

The Olympic swimmer became a household name during the 2012 Olympics, netting some big sponsorships and soaring to a net worth of $6 million. After this summer Olympics’ gas station fiasco, the Olympic champion lost several big endorsements, including Ralph Lauren and Speedo. Though the shamed swimmer was quick to get a few new endorsements, including one with Robocopp, a company which makes crime prevention devices.


Mike Trout – $10 Million

The young phenom is worth a at least $10 million, but some websites say his net worth could be closer to $24.6 million. Trout is in the midst of a 6-year, $144.5m contract with the LA Angels, which means the young star will stay in LA until 2020.  At the time Trout signed the contract, his $24m a year salary was the ninth highest in the major leagues. He also had endorsement deals with Subway, the fast-food sandwich franchise, and BodyArmor, the sports drink.


Ronda Rousey – $12 Million

Ronda Rousey is estimated to be worth approximately $12 million. She was ranked No. 8 on Forbes’ 2015 list of highest paid female athletes. Rousey made $3m just for showing up to her fight against Amanda Nunes in December, 2016, 30 times moer than her Nunes made for entering the ring. She also has endorsement deals with companies such as Reebok, Metro PCS and Monster Energy drinks. She also appeared in the movie Entourage.


Danica Patrick – $18 Million

The race car driver is reportedly worth an estimated $18 million, but some say it is actually lower. Go Daddy is her primary sponsor, but she also has sponsorships from Coca-Cola, Chevy and Nationwide Insurance. She has reportedly appeared in more Super Bowl commercials than any other celebrity due to her GoDaddy sponsorship. But she is reportedly currently in somewhat of a sponsorship search as she heads into this NASCAR season.


Kareem Abdul Jabbar – $20 Million

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is reportedly still worth an estimated $20 million, even though over the years he lost several million dollars in a divorce and bad investments. The retired NBA legend says he lost money over the years because of he chose his financial advisor poorly, based off of recommendations, without researching him. If he could go back in time and make some changes, I have a feeling he would be worth much more today.


Kyrie Irving – $30 Million

The young Cavaliers star is worth about $30 million, which isn’t too surprising considering the 24-year-old is still still young and has a long career ahead of him. In 2014 he signed 5-year, $90m contract extension with the Cavaliers, and aside from the $16.6m he made from salary and winnings in 2016, he made $11m from his endorsements, which include Pepsi, Foot Locker, Nike and royalties form his shoes.


Aaron Rodgers – $30 Million

Aaron Rodgers missed out on another chance to head to the Super Bowl this year, but the star quarterback still has a few more years on his Green Bay contract to win a ring, plus it won’t necessarily be the end of his career, or his earnings. In 2016 he earned $7.5m from endorsements, which includes the many State Farm commercials he appeared in, and $11.6 from his contract with the Packers.


Blake Griffin – $35 Million

Blake Griffin’s net worth is estimated at around $35 million, but some have it as high as $60 million. The Clippers power forward was ranked 49th on Forbes’ list of top paid athletes for 2016, earning $26.1m from salary, winnings and endorsements.


Gareth Bale – $40 Million

The Welsh footballer is worth an estimated $40 million and was the highest paid British player in La Liga history. The winger also signed a six-year, multimillion dollar deal with Adidas.


Steph Curry – $40 Million

This number is quite shocking, Stephen Curry, one of the biggest names in the NBA, has a net worth of approximately $40 million. But as his player stock rises, so will his income, and in 2016 the point guard racked up around $23m, including $12m from endorsements.


James Harden – $50 Million

The Rockets star is worth an estimated $50 million. In 2016, he ranked 31st on Forbes’ list of highest paid athletes, earning $33 million, with $17 million coming from endorsements with companies like Foot Locker and NBA 2K.


Robinson Cano – $50 Million

The star second baseman signed an insane contract with the Seattle Mariners in 2013: 10-years, $240 million. Cano is earning $24 million a year from the Mariners, and in 2016 added another $3 million from endorsement deals with New Balance, NYC and a number of other companies.


Chris Bosh – $50 Million

Chris Bosh’s net worth is estimated at around $50 million, but some reports say it could be as high as $100m. Bosh is the last of the Big Three to remain in Miami after LeBron and DWade left, and signed a $118m contract with the Heat during the summer of 2014.


Clayton Kershaw – $50 Million

The LA Dodgers pitcher is worth approximately $50 million, but some reports suggested it could be much higher. In 2014, the Cy Young winner inked a 7-year, $215 million contract with the Dodgers…he was only 25 years old at the time.


Michael Phelps – $55 Million

The greatest Olympian to ever dive into the pool, or even walk in the opening ceremony, is worth an estimated $55 million. The champion made a good chunk of his money through gold medal winnings and endorsements including Visa, Under Armour, HP and Procter & Gamble.


Russel Westbrook – $55 Million

Russell Westbrook is reportedly worth around $55 million. Over the summer he signed a contract extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder for $85 million, and has endorsements with Nike’s Jordan Brand.russellwestbrook-cropped_11y0061xotckm1o8uqjp3tnvdo

Prince Fielder – $60 Million

The big man first baseman is estimated to be worth around $60 million. This past summer he wasn’t medically cleared to play after a second surgery on his neck, but the Texas Rangers will pay every penny owed to him until 2020…. the remainder of his $214 million contract.


Rory McIlroy – $63 Million

The golf star’s stock has actually gone down over the last few years, after coughing up more than $20 million in a lawsuit settlement in 2015. McIlroy still made $42.6 million in 2016, almost all of that money coming from endorsements.


Paul Pierce – $70 Million

The Clippers small forward earned approximately $194 million over his career, and is estimated to be worth $70 million. Over the years he has had endorsement deals with companies such as Spalding and Dunkin Donuts.


Andy Murray – $70 <Million

Andy Murray had a great year in 2016, which also helped his bank account. The tennis player saw his net worth increase to $70 million after winning more than $13m in prize money. He also struck a $6m a year deal with Under Armour.


Derrick Rose – $70 Million

Derrick Rose’s net worth is estimated at different values by different sites, but stands at roughly $70 million. He has one year left on his five-year $95 million contract, originally signed with the Bulls. He also signed a 13-year contract with Adidas worth nearly $200 million.


Carmelo Anthony – $70 Million

The NY Knicks star is worth somewhere between $60 million and $80 million. His current contract is worth $124 million, and in 2016, he earned an additional $8m from endorsements with companies like Nike.


Cam Newton – $75 Million

Cam Newton is reportedly worth about $75 million dollars, which shouldn’t be such a big surprise when taking into consideration his five-year, $103.8 million contract. The quarterback earned $53 million in 2016, with only $15 million of those coming from endorsements.


Mark Teixeira – $75 Million

The New York Yankees first baseman is estimated to be worth about $75 million, following an 8-year, $180 million contract singed with the Bronx Bombers back in 2009. In 2016, Tex earned $23 million, most of it from his salary and winnings.


Venus Williams – $75 Million

Let’s face it Venus Williams was surpassed by her sister Serena a long time ago, both in talent and money. But Venus’ net worth currently stands at $75 million, which isn’t bad at all.


Matt Ryan – $75 Million

Matt Ryan’s net worth is estimated somewhere between $66 million to $85 million, but is also reported to be lower and closer to $30m. Regardless, the Falcon’s quarterback has earned a lot of money, including around $20m as an average salary per year.


Chris Paul – $75 Million

In 2013, Chris Paul signed a five-year, $107.3 million deal with he LA Clippers, and is now worth an estimated $75m. In 2016 alone, CP3 earned $21.5m in salary and winnings and an additional $8.5m from endorsements.


Dwight Howard – $80 Million

Superman Dwight Howard is estimated to be worth around $80 million. He’s made his money in part with an $88 million contract signed with the Houston Rockets in 2013. The big man made $26.9m in 2016.


Novak Djokovic – $82 Million

Novak Djokovic is one of the top earning tennis players in the world, with an estimated net worth of $82 million. He earned $52 million in 2016, with a whopping $34 million coming from endorsements.

Miguel Cabrera – $90 Million

Miguel Cabrera is worth at least $90 million, with some estimating he’s worth closer to $150 million or more. In 2014, the first baseman signed an 8-year, $248m contract, that reportedly even amazed LeBron James.


Neymar – $90 Million

Brazilian football star Neymar is reportedly worth $90 million, and came in at number 21 on Forbes’ list of top paid athletes. He earned $37.5 million in 2016, with almost two-thirds of that money coming from endorsements.


Joe Mauer – $100 Million

Joe Mauer’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $70 million to $125 million. The Minnesota Twins catcher brought in $23.8m in 2016, almost all of it through his salary and winnings.


Kevin Durant – $100 Million

Different sites give different estimates as to how much Kevin Durant is actually worth, but it seems the Golden State Warriors star’s net worth stands at an estimated $100 million, especially after he signed the two year $54 million contract with Golden State.

durant 3

Dwyane Wade – $100 Million

The Chicago Bulls star is estimated to be worth about $100 million, give or take. He earned approximately $32m in 2016, including $12m from endorsements. He also has his own line of socks and ties.


Rafael Nadal – $100 Million

Rafael Nadal’s net worth is estimated somewhere between $100 million to $125 million dollars. In 2016, he made almost all of his money from endorsements with companies such as Nike, Kia Motors and Tommy Hilfiger. He made only $5.5m from salary and earnings last year.


Wayne Rooney – $112.4 Million

The English football star is worth somewhere between $112.4 million to $160 million. In 2016, he was the richest sportsman under the age of 30 in Britain. He earned $374,000 a week playing for Manchester United, and has contracts with companies such as Samsung.


Eli Manning – $115 Million

Little brother Eli Manning is not worth nearly as much as his brother Peyton, but he’s still making money and isn’t doing too badly. The Giants quarterback’s net worth stands at around $115 million from his salary and endorsements.

eli manning

Maria Sharapova – $125 Million

Maria Sharapova may not have had the easiest time recently, considering she was banned for two yearsfor doping. But the tennis star is still worth an estimated $125 million. In 2015, Forbes named her the highest paid female athlete, after she earned $23 million just from endorsements.


Drew Brees – $130 Million

The NFL quarterback has a net worth of around $130 million, and earned $31 million in 2016. The 38-year-old earned $19 million in salary and winnings, and another $12 million from endorsements, from companies such as Procter & Gamble and Wrangler.


Serena Williams – $150 Million

The tennis superstar saw a spike in her earnings in recent years, and her net worth now stands at $150 million. In 2016, she made $29 million, and ranked 40th on Forbes’ list of highest-paid athletes. She also has endorsements from more than a dozen brands.


Tim Duncan – $150 Million

The retired Spurs center is currently worth around $150 million. During his last season in the NBA, Duncan earned only $6 million from his salary. But at his peak, the big man earned $22.2 million for his ’09-’20 season, and had endorsement deals with companies such as AT&T, but he also lost money in failed investments.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic – $160 Million

The Swedish footballer is estimated to be worth $160 million, but some sites put his net worth lower, close to $114 million. Ibrahimovic earned $37.5m in 2016, with about $30m coming from his paycheck alone.


Dirk Nowitzki – $170 Million

The German basketball legend is worth approximately $170 million. He was once the NBA’s second highest-paid athlete, with a four-year, $80 million contract that expired after the’13-’14 season.

Kevin Garnett – $180 Million

Kevin Garnett made history in the NBA when it comes to paychecks. The former power forward has a net worth of $180 million. Garnett also made $326 million throughout his career, which at the time of his retirement, was the most in NBA history.


Tom Brady – $180 Million

The five-time Super Bowl champion is estimated to be worth around $180 million, not a sum to be embarrassed by, but also not as much as his super-model wife. In 2016, Brady earned $36.1m from his salary and winnings and another $8m from endorsements, including Under Armour.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – $185 Million

The pro wrestler turned actor is worth an estimated $185 million. His acting career brought in most of the money, and in 2016 he was ranked #19 on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 earnings. He is one of the world’s highest-paid actors.

the rock


Derek Jeter – $185 Million

The life-long Yankee has a net worth of approximately $185 million, earned over his 20 year career. He made about $269 million dollars in salary from his earnings, with additional money coming from endorsements such as Gatorade and Steiner Sports.


John Madden – $200 Million

The former football player turned coach, turned analyst, is worth approximately $200 million, and is considered one of the richest NFL players of all time. He also makes a hefty sum from royalties from EA for the rights to his name.


Wayne Gretzky – $200 Million

Gretzky, who is considered one of the greatest NHL players of all time, is worth about $200 million. The legend has also given out advice about how to save your money, a problem which plagues a lot of athletes who spend it all or make bad businesses decisions.


Hakeem Olajuwon – $200 Million

The former NBA big man has a net worth of $200 million dollars, earned during his 18 year career. The Hall-of-Famer also made some real estate investments, which reportedly earned him over $100 million.


Peyton Manning – $200 Million

Peyton Manning earned himself a spot as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game of football, he’s also worth around $200 million. He retired in 2016 after earning $249 million in his salary/bonuses throughout his career. When you factor in bonuses for records, commercials and endorsements, he made an estimated $400 million.


Manny Pacquiao – $250 Million

The boxer turned politician is worth an estimated $250 million, earning $24 million in 2016 alone. Over his career he’s earned $500 million from purses, pay-preview and endorsements, from companies such as Foot Locker and HP.


LeBron James – $275 Million

A few months ago, the NBA star made it on to Forbes’ Richest Entrepreneurs Under 40 for the first time. He’s earned $595 million so far in his career, in both salaries and endorsements. He even signed a $90 million deal with Nike while still in high school.


Leo Messi – $300 Million

Leo Messi is one of the greatest to play the game of soccer, and possibly one of the richest. His net worth is somewhere between $280 million to $350 million, making his money through his salary/winnings ($53.4m in 2016) and endorsements.

Leo Messi

Alex Rodriguez – $300 Million

The former New York Yankee made the highest salary in baseball, with a salary of $33 million a year, and signed the largest contract in the League. ARod also made MLB history, retiring with a record $480 million in career earnings.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – $315 Million

The American race car driver is estimated to be worth about $315 million. The 42-year-old made his money through his salary, prize money and endorsements. He also reportedly won a power ball worth several million dollars. He was one of Forbes’ Highest Paid Athletes of 2016.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. – $340 Million

The professional boxer, and one of the more interesting people in the world, reportedly made over $220 million just for his fight against Manny Pacquiao and made about $700 million in his career.


Roger Federer – $350 Million

The Swiss tennis pro’s net worth is estimated between $320 – $400 million. He is one of the richest tennis players in the world, with huge endorsements, including Rolex, Nike and Wilson. And don’t forget his 18 Grand Slam titles (some of which have prizes of more than $30 million).


Kobe Bryant – $350 Million

The former Lakers superstar’s estimated net worth stands at $350 million. Between his salary and endorsements, the legend made approximately $680 million over his two-decade long career, which according to Forbes is the most ever for a team athlete during their playing days.


Shaq – $350 Million

The basketball big man is estimated to be worth around $350 million, and according to Forbes he struck a deal with Authentic Brands Group that could make him another between $230 to $270 million. His list of endorsements include Reebok, Buick and NBA2k, and the legend is still broadcasting on TNT.


David Beckham – $350 Million

The former soccer great, whose career moved across the Atlantic and back, is worth approximately $350 million. A good chunk of Beckham’s worth comes form his endorsement and advertising deals, including H&M and Adidas.

Beckham getty

Cristiano Ronaldo – $375 Million

The four-time Ballon D’or winner is worth approximately $375 million…. Some have estimated he is worth over $400 million, while others have put the number at closer to $300 million. Regardless, the footballer has earned a lot over the years, and reportedly earned $88 million in 2016 alone, $56 million from his salary and earnings, and another $32 million from endorsement deals.


Magic Johnson – $500 Million

Magic Johnson is reportedly worth half a billion dollars, but that doesn’t come as a surprise. The NBA legend has become a businessman, and purchased the LA Dodgers with a group of investors. He himself spent $50m on the purchase as part of Magic Johnson Enterprises.


Tiger Woods – $740 Million

The shamed golfer’s net worth is still one of the highest, even though he has not won a tournament since 2013. He built his millions on endorsements from Buick, AT&T, Nike and more, but now only Nike remains with him.


Michael Jordan – $1.24 Billion

The former Chicago Bulls star, and greatest to play the game is worth more than a billion dollars. After his days as a player, Jordan became the owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, which according to Forbes lifted him to the rank of “billionaire” in 2015.

michael jordan