90s Women: Then & Now


Ah, the 90s. Times were simpler back then and our favorite television and movie stars were to. So what ever happened to them?

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Our favorite women from the 90’s were either pop stars, rock women, or actresses we adored. We idolized them as kids, sang their songs, watched their movies, and even had their pictures on our bedroom walls. Some were able to transform from child stars to film stars seamlessly, and others created a new career for themselves in the world of fashion or reality television. Some, however, were not as lucky and either had failing careers or disappeared from the grid entirely. We have not heard from some of these stars in decades and were curious about what they have been up to all this time. We tracked down the whereabouts of our famous female faces from the 90s and are here with the results. If you’re wondering what the greatest women from the 90’s are up to now, then look no further. Get excited ’cause we’ve got your answers right here.