ALL Bond girls ever – then & now

Honor Blackman – Goldfinger

The true Bond girl of Goldfinger, Blackman played Pussy Galore. Yes; one of the most embarrassing parts of the series history. Still; Honor Blackman made an impression on audiences.


Eunice Gayson – Dr No & From Russia With Love

The original Bond girl; in more ways than one. Gayson played Miss Moneypenny in the first two James Bond films. While other Bond girls may come and go, Moneypenny is a fixture of the series.


Daniela Bianchi – From Russia With Love

The Italian model landed a principal role in what many consider to be the best of Sean Connery’s Bond movies. While it was her most famous film role, Bianchi is still remembered well for her modeling.


Shirley Eaton – Goldfinger

Eaton’s appearance in the series was brief, yet iconic. She appears briefly as a hotel guest Bond is seducing, only to later find her on his bed; painted gold. She appeared in the same way for LIFE magazine.


Claudine Auger – Thunderball

The French model burst onto the scene as Dominique “Domino” Derval. By this stage, the Bond films were shifting towards a campier tone, but Auger gave a somewhat nuanced performance for the time.


Luciana Paluzzi – Thunderball

Unlike others to grace this list, the Italian actress had a pretty impressive acting career leading up to her first blockbuster in Thunderball. Though she never hit huge success, her career continued to flourish.


Diana Rigg – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Connery was out, and Lazenby was in. Rigg appeared in this semi-prequel, sorta reboot of the Bond franchise as Countess Teresa di Vicenzo. The character would go on to marry Bond, with fatal consequences.


Lana Wood – Diamonds Are Forever

Sister of Natalie Wood, Lana played Plenty O’Toole in Diamonds Are Forever. If that name doesn’t tell you how creatively bankrupt the series was getting by that point, nothing ever will.


Jill St. John – Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds may be forever, but acting careers sure aren’t. Although St. John had found success through the 60s, she never got a big role again after Diamonds Are Forever. Talk about career poison.


Jane Seymour – Live And Let Die

Goodbye Connery, hello Roger Moore. It was a whole generation for Bond, and that meant a whole new host of Bond girls to go with it. Seymour has seen large successes since Bond, which is a first.


Gloria Hendry – Live And Let Die

Hendry broke ground as the first African-American Bond girl of the series. Hendry was a badass CIA agent who took no prisoners and made an excellent foil for Bond. Sadly, Hendry’s career stalled afterwards.


Maud Adams – The Man With The Golden Gun

In what many consider the most entertaining of Moore’s run in Bond, Adams played the not-so-creatively named Andrea Anders in a small part. This wasn’t the end for Adams in Bond, though, as you’ll see.


Britt Ekland – The Man With The Golden Gun

The terrible character names keep on coming. Ekland, a Swede like Maud Adams, played Bond’s assistant, Mary Goodnight. Ekland’s career was doing well before Bond, which only launched it even higher.Britt-Ekland11

Caroline Munro – The Spy Who Loved Me

Munro joined the Bond franchise as a well-established actress, with a pretty strong career behind her already. She rocked the Bond girl role pretty well and is remembered pretty fondly by the fans.


Lois Chiles – Moonraker

Moore’s Bond started much campier than Connery’s did, but by the time of Moonraker the series was slipping into ridiculousness. Chiles was Dr Holly Goodhead, which says it all; doesn’t it?


Corinne Clery – Moonraker

Sharing a name with her character, Corinne Dufour, Clery played the assistant to the film’s primary antagonist. Moonraker was probably her biggest movie, but she’s still a successful actress in Europe.


Lynn-Holly Johnson – For Your Eyes Only

The former figure skater hung up her boots to try acting. One Golden Globe nomination later, and she was cast as Bibi Dahl in For Your Eyes Only. Johnson never reached those same career heights again.


Carole Bouquet – For Your Eyes Only

The French starlet made her way into For Your Eyes Only as the evil and malicious Melina Havelock. Don’t let those sweet looks fool you, she was a real piece of work in the movie, for sure.


Alison Doody – A View To A Kill

A View To A Kill was one of the better late-era Moore movies. It had a pretty good theme, at least. Dublin-native Doody played Jenny Flex in the film. Not the weirdest name of the series, I suppose.


Tanya Roberts – A View To A Kill

The New Yorker was formerly a fashion model before, as many models before her, she turned her attentions to acting. She played Stacy Sutton and would continue to have a great TV and film career.


Maryam D’Abo – The Living Daylights

Roger Moore quipped his last and was briefly replaced with Timothy Dalton. D’Abo was born in London and would start her acting and modeling career there. She’s been a writer since her Bond girl stint.


Carey Lowell – Licence To Kill

Three Bond movies in a row with great main themes. Talk about a winning streak. Lowell was a literature graduate turned model and actress. In the film, she played CIA agent Pam Bouvier.


Talisa Soto – License To Kill

The young Soto was a Brooklyn-born model turned actress and played Lupe Lamora. Soto’s acting career has not been particularly fruitful and eventually turned to direct-to-video fare to get by.


Famke Janssen – Goldeneye

After a short break in the series, Bond returned gloriously, played by Pierce Brosnan. Janssen was the deadly femme fatale Xenia Onatopp. Since Goldeneye, Janssen has had a great film and modeling career.


Izabella Scorupco – Goldeneye

Scorupco certainly had a pretty eclectic career before she became a Bond girl. Starting out in Sweden as a model, she later got a Gold Record as a pop singer. She played Natalya Simonova in Goldeneye.


Teri Hatcher – Tomorrow Never Dies

Teri Hatcher is arguably one of the most recognizable faces to come out of being a Bond girl. After playing Paris Carver, Hatcher made a real success of herself on television, earning even a Golden Globe.


Michelle Yeoh – Tomorrow Never Dies

Yeoh landed the part of Wai Lin based on her success at the Chinese box office for her Hong Kong action movies. Yeoh later was nominated for numerous plaudits for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.


Cecilie Thomsen – Tomorrow Never Dies

Thomsen played Professor Inga Bergstrom, although she looked a little young for the part. Like many Bond girls before her, the film series was her way of breaking out of the modeling world to act.


Serena Scott Thomas – The World Is Not Enough

Much like Connery and Moore before him, Pierce Brosnan’s Bond films were slipping back into the old formula again. Scott Thomas played Dr Molly Warmflash and has had a pretty solid career since.


Sophie Marceau – The World Is Not Enough

The French actress had a meteoric rise in Hollywood, and playing Elektra King in The World Is Not Enough was merely a stepping stone to continued success. These days, she mostly does French film.


Denise Richards – The World is Not Enough

Richards played Christmas Jones. It seems the writers of the film had given up on any semblance of realism. Richards has had a solid career, but now likely lives off Charlie Sheen’s child support cheques.


Maria Grazia Cucinotta – Tomorrow Never Dies

The Italian model turned actress played Giulietta da Vinci in a very small part in the film. She left an impression on audiences, though. Mainly she acts in Italian films, shunning the glitz of Hollywood.


Akiko Wakabayashi – You Only Live Twice

Considered the campiest of Connery’s Bond films by a mile, Wakabayashi appeared in You Only Live Twice as the first non-European Bond girl. Oddly enough, she retired after the movie wrapped.


Rosamund Pike – Die Another Day

Here’s a familiar face. Pike played Miranda Frost in Die Another Day, but at this stage, it seems more like a footnote in her career rather than a highlight. Pike is one of Hollywood’s most desired actresses.


Halle Berry – Die Another Day

Here’s another actress you should remember. Berry played Jinx Johnson as her career was starting an incredible upswing that lead to an Oscar win in 2001 for Monster’s Ball. Excellent job.


Eva Green – Casino Royale

Green played British Treasury representative Vesper Lynd in the grittier reboot of the Bond series, Casino Royale. She played the part opposite Daniel Craig as Bond. Green has done well on TV since.


Grace Jones – A View To A Kill

Jones was already a big name by the time she joined the cast as May Day (please hold your cringing and groaning until later). The model turned actress was a style icon of the 80s.


Barbara Bach – The Spy Who Loved Me

Bach was a model until she caught the eye of the casting director for the Bond movies. The rest is history, and she was cast as Anya Amasova. Bach didn’t hit it big, but she did marry ex-Beatle Ringo Starr.


Ursula Andress – Dr No

Okay, now we’re really into Bond girl territory. Andress was a sex symbol in the 60s, in no small part to her part in the first Bond film, Dr No. Posters of Andress were on the walls of teenage boys everywhere.