The craziest moments that actually happened on live TV

She’s gonna be a star

This young and funky gal couldn’t miss the opportunity to become famous. Well, kinda. When she saw the cameras rolling, she just had to do something about it. It started with some creative faces and ended with some impressive leg lift exercises.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.30.47

The ball girl

Everyone knows Rafael Nadal is an amazing tennis player, and now we also know that he has a great taste. During a match, the tennis superstar tried to resist and not stare at the beautiful ball girl standing next to him but he just couldn’t do it. That was luckily caught on live TV.


The weather man

Meteorologist, Ericka Pino, should have probably known better than wearing green to work, especially when you have a green screen. The weather girl found out the hard way what she shouldn’t wear to work when her body just disappeared and only her head was left floating to hilariously match a hairy, chubby man in his speedos. Well, it was an office prank just to make a point, but still, it’s pretty funny.


Cover girl

We all agree that the weather is usually the fun part of the news, and we all wait for it. This time, it wasn’t so easy breezy out there, as the weather girl was asked to cover herself, after some viewers complained that her dress was too revealing.


Some adjustments

Before Olivia Munn was a TV pro, she did something “not very common” live on air. After understanding something is not quite right with her dress, she just did a small adjustment. The viewers did not file any complaints.


Jumpin’, jumpin’ 

This live moment does not require too much explanation, but, yeah…if your shirt has a big cleavage, you probably shouldn’t jump up and down while the world is watching (or should you?! Wink wink).

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 18.47.55

Queen Elizabeth photobombs BBC

We all know these bored (and awesome) people who just love to wave and smile behind reporters on live TV…and when it comes to Queen Elizabeth it’s even better. When visiting BBC back in 2013, her majesty, very accidentally got caught behind a live news broadcasting and instantly stole the show.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 12.25.07

It’s a bat

These three innocent news anchors were terrorized by a huge bat that just flew in the studio and refused to leave. We love Batman, but this is too much.


The snacks lady

Everyone’s eyes were focused on one thing in this live TV broadcast, but only several noticed this little kid’s reaction when seeing the snacks lady. Maybe it’s all innocent and he was just excited about the potato chips.


The reporter got confused 

When you are on live TV and mentioning a name of an artist next to you, please try not make this mistake – which is embarrassing on so many levels. Long story short, the reporter confused between the very famous rappers Wyclef Jean and Oh dear.


The pull-down

This boxing match could be very boring, but then something unpredictable happened. One of the fierce ladies decided to go for a bold move and pulled down the other’s lady’s pants. Not cool.


Not very safe Kate

This FOX sports update about a baseball game took and unexpected turn when the producers decided to skip the general visuals of baseball players and put a very not safe for the early hours video of Kate Upton in the background. The anchors were shocked but were still able to remind everyone that Kate was Justin Verlander’s girlfriend. It all makes sense now.


Reporter makes the baby cry

When dealing with children and live TV you should always expect the unexpected. But who could predict this little boy will start crying after being, very kindly, approached by a super nice reporter for a short interview. He was definitely not having it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 20.20.37

Melting down

You know it’s going to be a very hot week when even the weather girl is literally melting down. We wonder if the extreme heat was what made this clearly professional TV station producers forget how green screens work.


The perfectly timed monkey

Is this the most photogenic monkey in the zoo? Yes he is! Just look at this mesmerizing smile and perfect teeth. We bet he’s the zoo-player, if you know what we mean.

news-fails (1)

The dress

This weather girl just wanted to look nice and unique, so she decided to wear this colorful midi dress for the morning weather broadcast. But, whoops, The oh-so beautiful blue color and the green screen were not the best combination, and the dress became completely see through.  The producers then decided to ask the news anchor to kindly lend his jacket and cover the weather girl. LOL.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 20.51.32

The naughty cleavage

We don’t want to say words and use terms that we will regret later, you can just look at this news anchor’s beautiful and green shirt, but focus on the cleavage and its shape.


Just a kiss

When the “Capital marks its 862nd birthday with some 4,500 events around the city”, you know there will be some happy and tipsy people walking around. We guess this cheerful young man, who tried to kiss the reporter, is one of them.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.18.39

The number 2

“When you have to go you have to go”, even when it’s live TV. This is the motto of this not very shy dog that did what he did and felt such a huge relief afterwards. We have to adopt this attitude.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.10.03

The leg moment

When speaking on the radio you should always remember that you can still be caught by the cameras doing…this for example. We are pretty impressed by the ability of this woman to walk in these high stilettos and raise her leg so high.

The flower water cocktail

When you work as a bartender , you can taste and drink the best and most expensive alcohol in the world. This young fellow was probably tired of all the amazing cocktails he could drink, otherwise, why would he drink the water from the flowers? One guess…He saw the cameras and decided to do a little prank.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.14.24

Brush it off

Live TV is important, but what is more important is to make sure your hair looks amazing. We wish this anchor to have only great hair days for the rest of her career.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.16.59

Doing it like… 

You know they say “boys will always be boys”…We want to paraphrase it and say “rabbits will always be rabbits”. In case you were wondering, these are two rabbits and they are trying to do it like rabbits on live TV.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.16.22


This CSN journalist doesn’t look too happy about this unexpected kiss on live TV. He probably prefers brunettes or just doesn’t like surprises in general.

Monkey business

It’s hard to decide who is more beautiful in this live update from the zoo: the reporter or the smiling, red headed Gorilla standing next to her. We will use the time you ponder and ask the lady (or is it a dude?) on the left which shampoo they are using. Seriously, just look at that hair.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 10.52.44

A split decision

Kids, don’t try this at home! Italians are known for their bold and very open character that nothing they do ever surprises us really, but this presenter’s attempt at making the splits is too much to handle, literally. The presenter was left on the ground unable to get up and she is probably very sorry of ever trying to do it. It is pretty funny though.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.41.46

Don’t drink and write

When you are drunk you make a lot of mistakes you’re gonna regret later. When you talk about drunk people on TV, you should tell your title guy to stay sober. At least for the titles.


A little discipline

“As a kid?” Now that’s one question we’re pretty sure this Fox News anchor woman wishes she had never asked. When the two anchors were discussing children disciplining, her colleague asks her is she had ever received spankings when she was growing up. She, in response said ‘As a kid? No’. Her unintentional confession made her co-host just burst into laughter to the point that they couldn’t keep themselves together. We guess that was the end of the topic right there.


An awkward three-way Aussie situation

When host, Amber Sherlock noticed all three anchor women who had a split screen segment were all wearing white, she asked another reporter, Julie Snook, to cover her shirt. An awkward exchange of word started happening when Snook didn’t really comply with the request and she said “If it’s an issue, I’ll just jump on out, honestly”. Sherlock replied “Fine, just jump on out, if that’s what you’d like to do”. All three forgot they had their mics.


Who’s your daddy?

Now that’s random. A PIX11 Seattle Weather girl, Linda Church, admitted live on air to another news anchor that she secretly likes to call him ‘daddy’. If this isn’t enough, he in response said ‘Well thank you, I kind of like it’. We really hope it was some sort of an inside joke, because this is jut too much, even for a local news channel.


A way to quit your job

Charlo Greene will always be the anchor woman who quit her job on air. Greene was working for KTVA in Anchorage, Alaska, and has received a lot of media attention when while covering a news piece about the Alaska Cannabis Club, she pretty much told the audience and everyone at the station that she was the owner of the medical marijuana organization. She claimed she was quitting in order to dedicate more tie to the business she owned. Now that’s one way you can quit.


A taste of the latest news

They say that if a bird defecates on you then it’s a good sign for some great things to come. We’re not quite sure what they say about when a bird relieves herself in your mouth. This channel 7 reporter was asked to report on a story about bird infestation. The poor guy was standing under a tree where many Canadian Brown Finches were gathered when one of them just splattered on his shoulder. When he looked up to see where it came from, he got another dose, only this time straight into his mouth.


Monkey business

Some guests on talk shows are dangerous than others, especially when talking about certain topics, but who thought that a monkey would ever be considered a dangerous guest? Great Day Houston, Deborah Duncan, got slapped in the face by the monkey that was on the show and it was all caught live on air. Now that’s a slap in the face!


And moving on to the next story

One of the greatest challenges of news reporters is the ability to move smoothly and professionally from one segment to another, no matter what the following topics are. In the case of Natasha Exelby, an Australian news anchor, you could say she didn’t the do the best job in remaining professional. Exelby she was reporting about a good looking Irish traveller, but straight after she had to report on a misfortunate incident where many people have been injured, only she couldn’t stop laughing while reading the prompter, still amused off of the last segment. She did, however, apologize after the commercial break.


Time and camera

Some things are better left unsaid, on and off camera. The TV and radio host, Glenn Beck probably got very excited when he was interviewing his attractive, blonde guest about topless pictures of American Idol contestants that have gone viral, because he literally told her, live, “Deena, I’ve got some time and camera. Why don’t you stop by.” Needless to say that Deena was shocked and Beck soon tried to fix the situation by saying that it was a joke. Well, it wasn’t funny.


It was no Johnny Depp

NBC reporter, Madison Brookes was not pleased when she was surprised with a kiss from a Captain Jack Sparrow while she was on Hollywood’s streets trying to get interviews with Breaking Bad Fans. The guy just came up to her and very creepily started to smell her hair until he was pulled away. That was a very bad interview break indeed.


Deadly temperatures

It sure does get hot in Arizona! weatherman Cory McCloskey from Fox 10 Phoenix was presented with a wrong and bad weather map which showed unrealistic and quite horrific temperatures, however the professional and witty man that he is he managed to take the situation and turn into a funny one when he said ‘I would get out while you still can!’


Itsy Bitsy Spider

The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the water spout, down came the rain snd washed the spider out…When thinking about this lovely lullaby, you probably don’t imagine this little spider to be this gross and hairy  – climbing on this clearly shocked host on live TV.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.39.27

Not a pig issue

When you are presenting news, even if the least serious of topics, you really need to remain professional all the way through. These two local news anchors were presenting a story about a pig who was named Goliath. An accidental b-roll of the animal’s testicles showed up and the anchors literally lost it when they couldn’t ignore the size of his end.


It’s a hard job

We bet, Evan Spiegel, Snapchat’s co founder and Miranda Kerr’s fiance is not appreciative of this incident. In one live interview that took place at an Australian news channel, the banker who was interviews wished he had warned his employees about the interview because one of them was looking at pretty racy pictures of supermodel on his computer, and you can clearly see in the background.


The private parts of anchoring

If you have any personal, and we mean very personal pictures of yourself and you happen to work for a news broadcast, make sure you keep your photos private and safe so no one can reach them, because other wise you might get your pictures screened live for the whole country to see. This is what happened to the news team of Fox31 from Denver, Colorado whoo accidentally screened a photo of someone’s ‘inappropriate parts’ when they were live.


Size matters

Now sure if these two wanted to reveal whatever was going on between them to the world, but one small comment, made a bog difference. While wrapping up their segment, Mark comments on the previous news piece saying to his co-host, Belinda, ‘I just don’t understand how something so small can be so impressive’ referring to an Olympian athlete’s small urn. Belinda in response says ‘Well, Mark you would know about that.’ We don’t think he appreciated her reply.


He was on fire

Glenn Beck is known for his extreme and somewhat controversial moves, and this time he took it way too far. When discussing Obama’s immigration plant, Beck was so outrageous that visually compared the former President’s setting the country on fire (in his eyes) to pouring gas on an ‘Average American’ while saying ‘President Obama, why don’t you just set us on fire?’


On a higher note

‘Because I got high’ should have been played during that news segment. This English reporter and his crew were filming while facing 8 tons of different substances including heroin, opiates, hash-sheesh set on fire. They all got so high from the fumes, that they couldn’t keep it together, let alone make it through the segment. By the way, the caption ‘legally high’ was on the screen the entire time.


Oh bugger

It was another day at work for Brad Wills when he was asked to report on the weather from the beach. He probably never thought that on that beautiful morning he would be attacked by a big bug that flew straight to his face. The cameras did cut back to the studio in time before Wills flipped out.


It blew us away

Reporting can be a very dangerous job, but this Russia reporter never thought that the story she was going to cover would literally blow her away. When she tried to use the fire extinguisher live on air, she just couldn’t handle it as she just flew back more quickly than the wind.


Oh baby

When you become pregnant, you still need to keep working (for the next nine months), even if you sometimes feel sick and not at your best shape and you certainly need to try your best to keep it together if your job requires being in front of the camera. Poor Poppy Harlow, CNN news anchor, was pregnant and was feeling a bit dizzy and overheated when she started mumbling during her broadcast. The crew immediately went into commercial break and when they returned, Harlow reassured her audience she was doing fine.


Crazy eyes

Ok, so this mugshot of murderer, Steven Grant is pretty hilarious, and he does look kind of crazy, but it doesn’t mean the news reporter from Michigan needs to lose it after seeing the suspect’s picture on air. Grant was accused of chopping his wife into pieces, which can probably explain the insane look on his face.


The F-bomb

This incident can go into the guinness book shortest first days at works. A.J. Clemente was a newly-hired anchor man for North Dakota NBC who was fired within 24 hours from his first and last segment. Clemente was unaware that the cameras were rolling wen some of the words he muttered included the F-word. We’re sure he kept saying that word after he was fired the next day.


A live verdict

It was one of the most controversial cases and verdicts in U.S history. Casey Anthony was suspected of brutally murdering her daughter back in 2012. The case got a lot of public attention and many people believed she was guilty, so imagine the outrage that was happening when the judge gave his verdict live on television, reading ‘Not Guilty’.


He didn’t keep up with them

They might be the most famous reality TV family in America and in the entire world, but it doesn’t mean they are everyone’s favorite. Apparently, John Brown, ‘Good Day Orlando’ host has had enough of the Kardashians that he felt the need to express it out loud during a live show. The host stormed off explaining he was sick of talking about them.


The Max Headroom incident

It’s probably the most famous live blooper in television history. In 1987, a sports news segment and an episode of Doctor Who was interrupted by a man who was wearing a Max Headroom mask while he was shot doing all kinds of non-sense things. The man was never captured, but his obscenities definitely were.


A job to die for

Hands down the most outrageous, dramatic and traumatic thing that any news reporter has ever done live on air. Christine Chubbuck was a news anchor who was working for Sarasota and in 1974 during her morning segment, she said ‘In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts, and in living color, you are going to see another first: attempted suicide.’ Soon after she shot herself in the head and died not very long after. Don’t try to look for the footage because it is not available anywhere at this point.


The Cooper

When talking about kissing and live TV, trust Kathy Griffin to take it one step further…And when talking about Anderson Cooper we can’t blame her. We hope she was updated on his last announcement about his private life and love interests preferences.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.19.27

A way to get some traffic

When you’re a traffic reporter you really need to be creative with the way you tell your news, because let’s face it, it’s not the most interesting pieces of stories out there. Siobhan Riley was trying to describe the traffic situation in downtown Michigan while she was using an interactive board. Let’s just say that she definitely got some attention when her final drawing was in the shape of a male’s private part, and the best thing is that she didn’t even notice it as she was reporting. Amusing.


It’s going to be hot

Weather is important, and that’s why we’re really angry at this Mexican channel for hiring Yanet Garcia, a 26-year-old beauty, a weather forecaster and an Instagram starlet. Yep.