30 Former and Current Athletes Who Had To Get Regular Jobs


Let’s face it, athletic careers do not last as long as normal careers do. Most NFL players retire in their 30s, NBA and MLB players when they are closer to 40 or in their 40s. Many of them find they have a lot of time on their hands, and some run out of money, which means many former players build new careers, either for fun or for the paycheck. What do they do? Take a look:

Karl Malone

“The Mailman” found himself several job paths after retiring from the NBA, and no, none of the jobs actually involve delivering mail (someone else on this list did). He has ownership in about a dozen businesses, but also does a lot of different things to give back to his community. The 14-time All Star and 2-time MVP Hall-of-Famer at times hauls timber from properties, just because he reportedly enjoys trucking, and hosted an ESPN radio show – refusing to accept a salary.