30 Former and Current Athletes Who Had To Get Regular Jobs


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Being a famous athlete comes with some serious perks. The money, the fame, the sponsorship deals, the free stuff. Most young men (and women) dream of becoming an athlete just to take advantage of some of those perks. They’ll spend their high school days dreaming of shooting hoops or scoring touchdown for a living. And they’ll pick their college, simply for the sports team and the potential to be a star. Very few actually go on to become world famous athletes, but the ones that do have been dreaming of that moment from a young age.

And then, quick as a flash, time is up. As a professional athlete, you don’t retire at 60. Many sportsmen and women will retire in their 30s or 40s unless an injury causes them to quit even earlier than that. Effectively, by the time you get out of college, you’ve only got a couple of decades to prove your worth before you’re out of the game. If your skills start slacking, you may find yourself dumped on the ‘finished with’ pile even sooner, too. But what happens when the money, the fame, the sponsorship deals, and all the free stuff goes away? Unless you’ve been frugal with your money and saving for retirement – which most sports players don’t do – then you’re going to find yourself in a sticky situation.

What do you do for money? Sure, you could downsize the mansion and get rid of a few cars. However, you’ve got another 60-70 years of your life to live. How are you going to afford it? Well, unfortunately for most sports players it’s a case of getting a regular job. Some will go on to become managers, coaches or TV personalities, but for the rest of them, it’s back to flipping burgers or stacking shelves. Seriously. Here are 30 former and current athletes who had to get legit regular jobs again.

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