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Everyone in the United States, whenever if they are citizens or just tourists, knows the name “Hooters”. Established in Florida in 1983, Hooters has over 435 restaurants in the country and is considered one of the successful food chains in the country. “Hooters Girls” have a reputation in pop-culture, and we wanted to know how much of it was actually true. So we went to check this by ourselves and came with some answers. Here are some of the things that you didn’t know about Hooters.

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How do they pick them?

Several Hooters personnel we talked to have pointed out that they usually have different criteria than others for picking their servers. They stated that while a previous experience is important for the job, it is not the only thing that matters. They will prefer someone with less experience and better personality, as they consider it more important for the job. According to their belief, a customer comes to Hooters in order to enjoy a server’s good company and not her skills as a waitress.

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The right measurements

Hooters officials declared that they have no problem with hiring female workers of which whom they consider as “good looking” or with “the right measurements”. They said that it’s due to the fact that they are not looking to hire their staff as “waitresses”, but rather as “entertainers”. While we can somehow agree with that approach, we are not exactly sure that working in Hooters is the best way for someone to get into the entertainment business.

Everyone are welcome

As opposed to everything you may have heard about the restaurant, Hooters are actually trying to break any myth or stereotype regarding their employees’ bra sizes. The management clearly said that they would not discriminate any woman and are open to hire talented servers with all kinds of cup sizes, going from A-cup up to the larger sizes. We have to say that this comes as a big surprise for every ordinary man that visits the restaurant every now and then.

The bigger the better

While all bra sizes are welcome in Hooters, the girls themselves know that the bigger their cup size, the bigger the tip they will eventually get from the customers. According to several rumors, some workers would choose to enlarge its size, often “approving” their “assets”. While some of them choose just to wear a padded bra, others will wear a smaller bra size on purpose so that they could enlarge their cleavage – anything goes in this case!


The mascot

Everyone who went there long enough can recognize the owl in the Hooters logo, which has served as the chain’s mascot ever since they started back in 1983. Apparently, the logo itself had undergone several changes over the last few years, but the owl’s eyes remained exactly the same. All the regular customers know that besides being a good server, all Hooters Girls must know how to draw the famous owl mascot in ketchup.

Dress code

According to their dress code regulations, all Hooters waitresses must wear their shoes and socks in a certain way. After experimenting with many methods and styles over the years, Hooters had finally come up with a special trick in order for their workers’ legs to seem more fit and leaner than they usually are. That trick matches their white-and-orange uniform, which together became a famous pop culture icon for many men in the United States.

All the same

If you ever wondered about that, then yes – the Hooters girls need to acquire their own pantyhose, which should be the same for everyone. The color is called “suntan”, and Hooters forbid the girls from wearing any other color. Their hair style must also be the same for everyone, and the restaurant’s code says that a ponytail is forbidden. The girls can only wear their hair down, so we hope that they don’t suffer from the heat too much.

Different color

Friday is the only day of the week that the girls can wear a different outfit. On that day, they can arrive for work wearing black pants and shirt with the unique Hooters logo. Furthermore, the entertainers can have their own custom day once a month, but they need to bring their own. The themes range from nurses and policewomen to animals and others, but they must pay for their own customs.

Switching names

Ever wondered why you visited a Hooters in Atlanta and saw one of the girls wearing a “Chicago” top? Apparently, it’s because that the servers can trade their tops when they visit other branches of the franchise. Due to that reason, you can see a Hooter girl in Orlando wearing a “Boston” top after she swapped with another Hooters employee. The only exception for that arrangement is Vegas because they have different rules regarding the subject.

Uniforms aren’t allowed outside

Many have pointed out that Hooters has one of the most infamous rules, which says that a Hooters girl cannot leave the restaurant with their uniforms. Their law says that if one of the employees is seeing by a manager wearing their uniform outside of work, she will be fired immediately. It may sound bleak, but Hooters officials responded on that and said that it is only for safety reasons.

Sales tactics

Their system is known to extremely efficient and is built to reward their good employees. When a hooter girl proved herself throughout a period of time by selling merchandise during her shifts, the manager can choose to give her better shifts. Naturally, better shifts will earn her more tips. Supposedly, The chain’s sales tactic is part of their highly-effective customer service. In addition to that, restaurant’s protocol indicates that every customer’s table should be attended by several different waitresses.

Avoiding trouble

Hooters has different rules about serving male-only groups and couples in the restaurant. With men, it would be usually revolving around giving them a large amount of attention. When a couple arrives, It is a whole different story, with the server’s given orders are to never show the male excessive attention. One way to prevent that scenario is for the waitress to sit next to the woman while they are ordering.

Psysical touch is not allowed

The picture that you see below is actually considered a rare one by many Hooters employees, and it’s surprising that none of the other staff members prevented that from happening. Every Hooters girl receives a detailed guidebook with rules and regulations when they are hired. Amongst the many different rules, a specific one states boldly that hugs or any other physical contact are extremely forbidden between Hooters servers and the customers.

Passing time

In case that there is a relatively small amount of customers in the restaurant, many of the entertainers are usually allowed to play all kind of board games with them. While it is surely fun for the customers and the waitresses alike, it is a wonderful way to pass the time. As a matter of fact, a member of our staff even enjoyed one of these games with three firefighters in Chicago!

They can dance

Many of you may have stumbled into that scenario while sitting with your friends. If you thought that these girls just dance randomly when there is a good song playing in the old jukebox, you are mistaken. All Hooters Girls get to learn several dance routines during their training. The guide says that whenever a certain song is played during their shift, the girls are obliged to leave everything and dance in the middle of the restaurant.

First time in Hooters

A term that was specially coined by the chain is a “Hooters Virgin”. It refers to a guest that has never been to a Hooters restaurant before. Once they found out this information from your friends, they will go ‘full throttle’ on you. This scenario requires a special protocol, where they sit you alone while all the entertainers surround you. Then, all of the girls begin to shout the song “Hokey Pokey” and dance, as their intention is to make you embarrassed by the whole thing.

Strict work policy

We’ve heard some rumors regarding some of the chain’s unpleasant policies, although all of the girls that we spoke to denied it ever happened to them. All Hooters Girls are given a pouch in order to carry their menus and pens with them, but cell phones are forbidden during a shift. If one of the managers think that you might be storing a phone in the pouch, they could take it and throw it against the wall, breaking all things that should not have been there.

Healthy menu

Hooters has a very strict policy regarding the employees’ social benefits. Servers are only allowed to have a meal from the restaurant’s “healthy” menu. It is OK if you’d never heard of it because it’s actually not on the regular menu. Allegedly, there is a policy for Hooters to provide only healthy food for the girls in order to keep them thin and in shape. If they want something from the regular menu, they will have to pay a discounted price.

A specific look

Hooters wants their workers to maintain a specific look, with some restaurants even providing gym membership and tan salons for the girls. That may sound OK in general, but what about when an employee does not want all of that? Some girls responded that these things actually broke their confidence. Hooters can say that it is not a mandatory requirement, but they can do anything in their power to influence the girls.

The scream

Remember that moment when you enter the restaurant with your friends and are welcomed by a shot of “Hi! Welcome To Hooters”? As it turns out, it is actually a known company policy. In case you haven’t heard upon your arrival, the employees there are not doing a very good job. The girls themselves commented that it is extremely hard for them to maintain this rule during their entire shift, as all of their stamina is drained from hardtheir work.

It’s all about the money

Adding more fuel to the fire, Hooters girls are always struggling to make ends meet due to the fact that they only earn a minimum wage during their shifts. As a result, many of them often give extra care to the attendants, often flirting and offering some of the restaurant’s merchandise in order to earn more tips. So don’t forget – on your next visit to your nearest Hooters restaurant, please remember to tip them generously.

Women are intimated

Many employees know their place while serving couples, as they don’t want to threaten the women in any way. However, even these scenarios can soon get out of hand as some women are obviously obsessed regarding their husbands. One of the employees even revealed to us that one time while serving a couple, the woman was ordering for her husband as she did not want him to address the waitress in any way.

Dating these women

While many of us thought once or twice about asking one of these beautiful women out on a date, the odds are that it is unlikely to ever happen. The girls often said that all the numbers they were given during their shift by customers are thrown to the trash. One of the waitresses even said that during five years working at Hooters she never saw an employee go out with a customer.

Great working enviroment

Almost %100 of the girls that used to work at Hooters had only good things to say about their time working there. They said that during that time, everyone on the staff became really good friends. One of the entertainers even revealed that the girls comforted her after she broke out with her boyfriend, taking her out to a restaurant and cheering her up. If that’s not good friends then we don’t know what is!


Their job is hard

Despite their reputation amongst the customers, the servers are not easy and loose as might other people think. The truth actually is that they often give tips and bits of advice to many of the regular clients about their relationship with their wives. Many girls spoke plainly about breaking the stereotype about the men who go to Hooters, with one girl even saying that someone gave her a thousand dollars for saving his crumbling marriage.

Tips can be rewarding!

This jobs sure has its many benefits, with many clients generously tipping their favorite Hooter waitress on a regular basis. The girls revealed some of their tipping stories, saying that many customers paying for their holidays or giving them tickets in their birthdays. One of them revealed that she even got a car as a gift from a customer! Being a good Hooter girl sure pays off in the end.