Engaging and hilarious Halloween costumes

No Halloween celebration would be complete without dressing up. It’s basically an unofficial law that you just have to dress up when attending any form of party late in October. This is the night for you to get as creative and as creepy as you want to create the ultimate fancy dress costume and impress your friends. But can you beat these amazing and hilarious Halloween costumes?

Step into her mind

Sometimes, people use costumes in the images of famous and beloved (or hated) characters. Other times, though, and we have to admit that these are our personal favorites, they reach deep into the well of their imagination and create something that’s all their own.

That’s what this lady did, creating something that reminds us of a Native-American warrior combined with something out of a fantasy setting. Whatever she was going for, we can say with absolute certainty that she was slaying all night long.

The hero we need right now

We’re actually impressed with how well this lady captured the rebellious, adventurous essence of video game hero Lara Croft. She was brought to life twice on the silver screen – the first time by Angelina Jolie and the second time by Alicia Vikander – but this might just be our favorite live action portrayal of all.

All of the elements are there – the iconic green tank top, the braid, and perhaps most importantly, the little smirk that belies her infamous devil-may-care attitude. Bravo, Lara. Someone get this woman a three-movie deal, stat!

Mother of dragons

This young queen really pulled out all the stops when it came to putting together her Halloween costume. Here we have Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen, who is said to have been brought into this world during a raging thunderstorm.

Is that a wig, or does this woman happen to have the exact hair color as Daenerys is described as having? They say that, sometimes, we are born to play a certain role. It seems this woman was destined to be Daenerys T. on Halloween eve.

A cruel devil

We love how this woman managed to put her own spin on to the evil English heiress, Cruella de Vil. For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, her name is actually a play on the words ‘cruel’ and ‘devil.’

That should give you some idea just how wicked this woman was. The costume-wearer has really captured Cruella’s spirit, and even made the point to dye her hair like the character’s. We hope that it washes right out after Halloween is over!

Better the devil you know

What could be scarier than the devil at Halloween? Nothing, that’s what! However, this woman has managed to make Satan himself seem a little less scary. All it took was some red stockings, a red skirt, and a red feather boa.

Add some devil horns on the top of your head, and you’re Halloween party ready! We hope she has a jacket, though, or she’s going to catch a cold. If only Halloween was in summer…

A little crazy never hurt anyone

Harley Quinn is just a little bit crazy, and that’s why we think the look on this woman’s face is absolutely perfect. She’s smiling as if she has a secret that she’ll never tell us. Maybe it’s what evil plan she and her boyfriend, the Joker, are planning to do on All Hallows’ Eve.

Perhaps this Harley Quinn has finally decided to leave the Joker once and for all. At any rate, we think her costume and makeup were executed brilliantly.

Jessica Rabbit

Who can forget the wonders of Jessica Rabbit from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Sure, she may have been a cartoon, but she was a poster on the bedroom wall of many. It looks like this woman has won the prize for having the best Jessica Rabbit costume of all time.

She’s managed to get the whole look down perfectly. Even the hair and makeup are spot on! The only thing she needs to do now is turn herself into an actual cartoon.

Jesting around

What happens when you combine a Playboy bunny with a clown? You get this adorable jester look, as shown off by YouTuber Lele Pons. This was her Halloween back in 2018, and it went down a storm.

All you need is another bodysuit (they are definitely in this year) and some face paint. Give yourself a checkered neckpiece and some cute eye makeup, plus a furry tail to finish off. Et voila! You’ve pulled off one of the coolest Halloween looks of all time.

I’m a cat, duh

If there’s one thing that Halloween has become renowned for, it’s women dressing up as cute animals. We’ve all seen Mean Girls, we all know that it’s better to be cute than some scary zombie bride.

Before you say cats have nothing to do with Halloween, it’s a well-known fact that black cats have long played a part in All Hallows Eve. She has even managed to fashion a collar out of a diamante choker. Cute!

Black Widow

We had to double-take when we first saw this photo, as we were adamant it was Scarlett Johansson in the Marvel films. But nope, this is just someone dressing up as the Avenger, Black Widow.

This is another outfit where every single detail has been planned out so that she really could be mistaken for the real thing. Once she has finished at her Halloween party, she could easily rock up at Comic-Con and fit in there.

Poison Ivy

If you’re familiar with your DC Comics characters, then you may just recognize this woman’s costume! Yep, she’s one of Batman’s love interests – Poison Ivy. You may also know her for hanging around with Catwoman and Harley Quinn.

Basically, she’s seriously cool. While it may just look like some plants, you can tell that a lot of thought and work has gone into this costume. This is the kind of Halloween costume you’d want to wear to pretty much every occasion. Garden party, anyone?

Don’t mess with me

This woman has managed to pull off one of the coolest Halloween costumes we have ever seen – if a little daring. We love that the guy behind her is part of the ensemble, too!

This is one of those looks that you can easily do yourself at home, as long as you have a bodysuit in your closet. Oh, and some fishnet stockings, of course. You can bet no one is going to steal candy off of this trick or treater!

Aye Aye Captain

Ever since Johnny Depp took on the character of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, pirates have become cool again. These swashbuckling antiheroes are perfect for Halloween dress up, because you can have so much fun with them!

This woman has managed to create the ideal pirate outfit – and it really didn’t take much effort at all. All she needs now is a parrot on her shoulder, and she’ll be ready to sail the seven seas.

Feeling mellow yellow

This woman looks like a cross between a racecar driver and Uma Thurman in the Quentin Tarantino movie, ‘Kill Bill.’ We wish we had the confidence to pull off a yellow, latex jumpsuit, but we just don’t think we could do it.

There’s no doubt she is absolutely rocking this look and is not worried about the fact that it’s so tight it is basically a second skin. Nevermind the outfit, where do we get some of her confidence?!

You can see her bones!

Why did the skeleton go to the ball alone? Because she had ‘no body’ to go with. Get it? Now the bad Halloween jokes are out of the way, we have to give this woman some serious points for her outfit.

Not only does she have a boney bodysuit and stockings, but she has managed to paint a realistic skull on her face too. Plus, she left space for her eyes so she could still rock normal makeup and a high pony. We love it!

Shiny bunny

You know what’s cooler than a standard bunny costume? One that is made out of shiny material! Sure, we don’t know if it’s latex, PVC or rubber, but we’re totally digging it anyway.

The only thing she has to be careful of is sitting down on any leather couches. We have a feeling she will just slide right off of it if she did. Oh, and we can imagine that she squeaks a lot too. Not because she’s a rabbit, though.

Captain Marvel

Over the last few years, we have definitely seen a rise in female superheroes. Yay! This year saw the release of Captain Marvel, played by the brilliant Brie Larson.

So, of course, this meant that plenty of people decided to dress up as her for Halloween. Basically, you can either go as Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel – and this woman is definitely showing how you rock the latter. We definitely wouldn’t mess with her or her candy.

Ten points to Gryffindor

The Harry Potter books and movies are some of the best-selling of all time, with millions of fans all over the world. So, it comes as no surprise to learn that plenty of people use them as inspiration when it comes to things like Halloween.

This woman has decided she’s not going to follow in the footsteps of Hermoine Granger. Instead, she’s going to become her own Hogwarts student that rocks Potter glasses and fishnet stockings. We wonder what Dumbledore would say!


We have seen plenty of people dressing up as the typical superheroes and villains so far. In fact, Halloween was dominated by Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel.

So, we find it really refreshing when someone decides to opt for something a little bit different. Meet Gwen Stacy, from the Marvel comic series, Spider-Gwen. Okay, so it’s not really her, but this costume is so good you can forgive us for thinking she had just crawled out of the comic book pages.


Kylie Jenner has been trying to outdo her Halloween outfit since she pulled off Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty in 2016. This was her attempt this year – what do we think? Could Kylie Jenner as Ariel, from The Little Mermaid, possibly beat her 2016 entry?

She has definitely made a convincing argument. We just wish we were invited to all of the Halloween parties that she gets to go to… This was one of her many outfits for Halloween in 2019, because she’s just so darn popular.

Princess Leia

Star Wars fans, rejoice! One of the most iconic scenes and costumes in Star Wars history has been recreated by this woman. Anyone who has seen the 1983 movie Return of the Jedi will recognize this outfit straight away.

This is what Princess Leia wore while being held captive by the evil Jabba the Hutt. It looks like this was actually quite a simple costume to make, by adorning a regular bikini with all of the gold trimmings. We’re going to give this one a try!

Wonder Woman

Okay, so this woman right here puts all of our Halloween costumes to shame. There is one thing spending a lot of money on your outfit… And then there’s this. Every tiny detail has been considered for this genuinely jaw-dropping Wonder Woman costume.

She even looks like Diana Prince, the famous Amazonian-Olympian Demigoddess. We have a feeling that this costume is for a bit more than trick or treating the local neighborhood. Although, she’d probably clear up all the candy if she did.

Ruby Roundhouse

If you have seen the most recent Jumanji movie called Welcome to the Jungle, then you’ll probably recognize this character. In fact, this is another costume that made us double-take. It’s just so realistic!

Ruby Roundhouse is one of the playable characters in the Jumanji video game from the movie, and she’s played by actress Karen Gillan. The two look scarily similar, and we wonder if they’re actually related… Either way, this costume is absolutely incredible.

Here comes the bride

Back to Mean Girls and that toe-curling scene where Cady turns up at the Halloween party dressed as a scary looking zombie bride. The teeth still give us nightmares today!

It seems as though this woman wanted to pull off a zombie bride look, too. Only hers is a lot less scary than Cady’s. Sure, there’s some fake blood and contact lenses, but the rest of the outfit is sure to turn more heads than the scary bits.

Another Amazonian

Just look at this warrior! Sure, it may be Wonder Woman again, but we don’t think we’ll ever get tired of seeing people dress up as Diana Prince. Plus, we love how Alyson Tabbitha has decided to opt for a different armor for her costume.

While many people go for the red and blue, that Wonder Woman is so famous for, this cosplayer has decided to go for something a little more unique. Alyson Tabbitha is the kind of person we wish would come to all of our Halloween parties.

Freddy Krueger

This is undoubtedly no Nightmare on Elm Street! Whoever said that Freddy Krueger is scary, clearly hasn’t seen this Halloween costume. In fact, Krueger looks quite sweet.

Sure, they may have blades instead of fingers, but so did Edward Scissorhands, and he was sweet, really. This is yet another Halloween costume that won’t take much time or effort to build, but it really has an impact when you wear it. Just be careful with those blade fingers if you have an itch.

Pink hair, don’t care

We love all things mystical and magical, so we absolutely adore this outfit. Why be a regular human being, when you can be an elf? All you need for this look is some olde worlde clothes, some bright pink hair…

Oh, and some elf ears. Then all you need to do is hang around in the woodlands until somebody finds you. It really is a good life, being an elf. We’re not too sure they like candy, though…

Racer girl

She has her foot to the floor, the pedal to the metal, and she’s not going to let you overtake her! This is a really cool look and one that is probably quite easy to make.

All you need is a checkered flag for your undergarments and some kind of jumpsuit. Don’t forget the glasses, of course. This woman now looks like she is about to take on the next NASCAR race – and ain’t nobody going to beat her!


If you’re not a Dragon Ball Z fan, let us briefly explain. This woman is dressed up as Chi-Chi, who is the Princess of Fire Mountain. She goes on to marry the main character, Goku, and they have two adorable kids together.

Aw, cute! Now you’re up on your Dragon Ball knowledge, let’s just admire how well this woman has done with her costume. She even has the perfect Chi-Chi bangs. Now, that is dedication to a character!


Kylie Jenner has become famous over the years for her Halloween costumes – and this one is no exception! Taking inspiration from the 2002 hit by Christina Aguilera, Dirrty, Jenner has managed to get the whole look spot on.

Even the hair is perfect and is giving us some serious 2000s throwback vibes. This was Kylie Jenner’s Halloween look for 2016 and, we have to admit, she completely stole the show. However, she’s tried to top it every year since!

Ashley O

This one may take you a little while to work out, but once you’ve got it you’ll be like “Aaaaah, clever!” Unless you haven’t seen the dystopian series, Black Mirror – in which case, this costume will make absolutely no sense to you.

This woman has really cleverly dressed up as Ashley O, the AI doll in the episode ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too.’ The doll is the plastic version of pop star Miley Cyrus, who plays Ashley O in the episode. Phew, that was a lot of explaining… But so worth it!


Imagine this. It’s Halloween, you’ve gone for a swim, and then you realize you don’t know how to swim. Luckily, there’s a lifeguard on duty who is going to save you, and you’ll live happily ever after.

Except, she might not know how to swim either… This is just a costume, after all! Okay, scrap that idea. We love how this woman has turned Baywatch on its head with her own take on the famous costume. We really hope she can swim, though.

Cheering for you

Give me an H, give me an A, give me an L, L, O. Okay, we could be here all day trying to cheer out Halloween, but you get the picture. This woman has decided she’s going to leave all thoughts of scary at the door and dress up as a cheerleader for Halloween instead.

Unless she never got on the cheer team, and this is her kind of nightmare. Maybe she’s about to haunt the actual cheer team with her pom-poms? Or perhaps it’s just a cute costume? We guess we’ll never know.

A Strange(er Things) costume

There are two options here. This girl may have meant her costume to be a gender-swapped Popeye the Sailor, but she’s missing the iconic pipe (and the squint) so that’s probably not it.

What might make a little more sense is that she’s supposed to be Robin from Stranger Things, dressed up in her iconic Scoops Ahoy uniform from the show’s third season. We’re sure even the actress who played her so expertly, Maya Hawke, would be proud of this get-up. Anyone volunteer to show it to her?


Are you a believer? She sure looks like she is! This modern nun Halloween costume looks excellent on her and we totally think she has a chance of taking the first prize if she went to her local church’s costume competition.

The upcoming trio of girls are about to add some spice to your journey, are you ready for what’s in store for you next?

Riding in style

This young woman dressed up as the infamous Little Red Riding Hood. For those who don’t know, Little Red is the one who saved the day by getting rid of the Big Bad Wolf. Little Red is most well-known for her – obviously – red cape that her grandmother made her.

This woman, however, also chose to wear a little black dress. The combination and red cape and black dress is seriously stylish, and we bet the wolf would never even think to mess with her.

Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers might be one of the oldest kid games ever invented by two children. This girl looks great and ready to “steal” the show with her awesome take on that classic blast from the past.

Not only is she a cop – but she’s actually in S.W.A.T. – making the game even more interesting. We’re pretty sure no one will confuse her with an actual cop though – people may actually ask to be arrested.

A steal at twice the price

For their costumes, these ladies delved deep into their childhood – everyone’s childhood, really – and plucked out an image that’s nostalgic and beloved. Is there anyone who can honestly say they’ve never begged their parents for a quarter so they could get an ancient piece of bubblegum from those gumball machines?

They still exist, mind you, but as adults we can hardly find an excuse to use them. Thankfully, these two had a fun and playful take on the whole thing. Now we gotta find our wallets…

Moon of our lives

While these two women are obviously a star (left) and a moon (right), what you may not know is they are actually referencing a popular line from the TV show, ‘Game of Thrones.’ Queen Daenerys is forced into a marriage with Khal Drogo, and at first she is afraid.

However, as she learns that he is a gentle and kind mind, she begins to fall in love with him. As a pet name, the queen calls the Khal ‘the moon of my life,’ and, in turn, he calls her his ‘sun and stars.’

Creepy and cute combination

Remember those troll dolls you used to play with when you were growing up? You could never really decide if they were creepy or cute. Truth be told, the answer is probably a mixture, but this woman has seriously taken the look to the next level.

Anyone who dedicates that much effort to their hair for Halloween should win some kind of prize. The Troll sensation obviously got sparked again by the 2013 kid’s film, ‘Trolls.’ No matter where know these little guys – er, girls – from, you can’t deny that this woman has crushed the costume!

All wrapped up

Now this is how you pull off a cheap and cheerful Halloween costume! Don’t want to spend a lot of money looking the best at your next Halloween party? It’s fine, all you need to do is grab yourself some tissue and pull off this look.

This woman has managed to make being a Mummy an attractive option for all of us. Just make sure you have some kind of clothing underneath, or you’ll catch a chill!

This is awkward

This referenced Miss Universe pageant is a bit of a touchy subject. We try to avoid it as much as possible because it brings back such horrific memories, but these ladies have brought it to our attention once again.

In their defence, this is pretty darn hilarious. After originally winning the crown and putting on her sash to prove it, this beauty queen eventually had her title stripped from her by a woman who was supposedly her friend. Hopefully, these two can get over their bust-up. Otherwise, that would be one awkward Halloween party.

Zatanna Zatara

Yet another female superheroine that isn’t your typical Wonder Woman, Catwoman or Captain Marvel. Zatanna is a magician who appears in DC Comics, and she’s pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves.

This woman decided she wanted to add a little sprinkling of magic to her Halloween outfit by going as Zatanna – and she has managed to pull off the magician’s look really well! In fact, someone should cast her in a Zatanna movie… We’d watch it!

Slaying the universe

While people typically refer to this Zen-Whoberis as Gamora, her actual name is much much longer. Indeed, Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan is a true guardian of the Galaxy, and has never stopped fighting for good.

It seriously takes a lot to paint your entire body green, and so we know this woman has as much strength as the real Gamora. We wonder if those locks are this woman’s real hair, or if she’s wearing a wig. At any rate, she certainly slayed this costume.

Add some spice

It seems as though people really love to get behind Taco Bell when it comes to their Halloween costumes because these ladies also decided to bring some of the coolest condiments to life.

Yes, these three turned themselves into sauce packets for the evening, and all gave themselves a different flavor. We’ve got the Fire Sauce, the Hot Sauce, and the Mild Sauce, so they really have thought of everything. After all, you’ve got to add some spice to your life.

The perfect concoction

When it comes to finding the best Halloween costume, sometimes the key is teaming up with some friends, and coming up with a cool combo.

In the case of the young ladies in this picture, they cleverly decided to emulate a popular beverage that one might get at a bar – Jose Cuervo with with lime and salt. Perhaps they thought it would get them a free drink at a party, but either way, we are very impressed.

Twin drinks

As long as we’re on the topic of girls dressed up as bar drinks for Halloween, we figured we might as well show you a nice variety.

These two girls decided to go with the cocktail route, dressing up as identical drinks with a lime twist. They probably got a nice amount of compliments from people in the vicinity, although something tells us they would’ve gotten attention even if they had worn regular day clothing.

Are you a good swan or a bad swan?

If you’ve ever seen the Darren Aronofsky thriller, ‘Black Swan,’ then you’ll know exactly who these two are. That movie seriously scared the heebie jeebies out of us, meaning we won’t forget the characters any time soon.

It’s every little girls’ (and even boys’) to be a prima ballerina, and it seems these girls have done so in honor of Halloween. These two woman have executed their costumes so well, in fact, that we’re having flashbacks from when we first saw the move.

Helping out Dorothy

Everyone loves Dorothy and her ruby slippers (and her little dog, Toto) so much, but who could forget about the Scarecrow. The Scarecrow is absolutely essential, and without him – or her, in this case – Dorothy would have never had made it back home.

This Scarecrow costume could have been pretty basic with just a flannel shirt and a straw hat. Instead, however, this woman took on the makeup challenge, leaving us no doubt in our minds who she is.

Up and away

There was always something so glamorous about the life of a flight attendant. The fact that they get to travel all over the world and get paid to do. Also, they are always so well put together, just like these ladies here.

For Halloween night, these women decided to dress up as flight attendants, and it looks like they’re ready for take off. Just make sure that you fasten your seat belts, otherwise they might get a little mad at you.

Spice up your life

The Spice Girls definitely wrote some of the best songs ever written, with hits like ‘Stop!,’ and ‘Too Much.’ Therefore, if you’re going to dress up at these iconic ladies then you have to it right.

These five fabulous chicas definitely hit the nail on the head, because they could easily pass as the original Spice Girls. We wonder if they’ll be giving performances! From left to right we have Posh Spice, Sporty Spice, Scary Spice, Ginger Spice, and Baby Spice. Hands down, this group costume wins first prize in any competition.

Rudolph the black nose reindeer

While Rudolph is typically a red nose reindeer, we’ll let it slide that this woman has a black nose. This costume is so darn cute that we wouldn’t have it any other way. With this costume, the woman is combining two of the most amazing holidays celebrated in the US: Halloween and Christmas.

In fact, we think she could put on this costume for Christmas as well, especially if there are young children by the fire to entertain. This reindeer is ready to rock the house.

Black bunny

There’s always something a little creepy about black rabbits, isn’t there? After all, the classic white hat is the one magicians make come out of their top hats, so when it’s a black hat there’s definitely something darker – figuratively and literally – going on.

Despite the associated creepiness, we think this woman nailed her bunny costume. She definitely put her own glamorous touch on the costume, especially with that white tail. This woman is here to show us that black bunnies actually aren’t creepy at all.

A trio of sorts

Is it just us, or does anyone else remember college dorm parties to be absolutely insane? Therefore, we can hardly imagine a HALLOWEEN dorm party. These girls wanted to go as a group, and while there are many famous trios they could have picked, they went with the classic ‘police woman and inmates’ look.

It’s actually quite clever, because now they don’t have to be joined at the hip all night, because they each have their own look. It’s only when they all come together does everything get 10 times better.

The Psych major

If you’re a Psych major and wondering what the heck to wear for this year’s Halloween shenanigans; we’d like to introduce you to the Freudian Slip.

Yes, this woman has completely nailed her fancy dress costume this year and has managed to make something so subtle utterly brilliant. The best part of this costume? She can be comfortable all night long and even take a nap if she gets a little fed up of all the people at the party. Hopefully, she won’t have any weird dreams, though…

A spicy, spicy costume

What is it with women dressing up as condiments? Whatever it is, it seems to hold a pretty powerful appeal. This lady dressed up as Frank’s RedHot Original hot sauce, which – as you probably know – is made out of cayenne peppers.

And she’s quite a spicy pepper herself, pulling off the look perfectly. Look, she’s even holding up a bottle so we can compare. We already loved this costume, but her adding the top-hat, meant to mimic the bottle’s cap, just pushes it over the top.

Pumpkin Spice

October is all about Halloween, but it’s also about the Pumpkin Spice Lattes that also make their fall appearance. They make the world go around, man.

It seems as though everyone is obsessed with this drink, and this lady decided to take her love for the PSL one step further. She not only turned herself into a Starbucks cup, but she also added some much needed whipped cream!

You can’t sit with us

Mean Girls is one of the most iconic movies of all time, and the Halloween party will always go down as one of the most legendary scenes of all time. In fact, it perfectly encapsulates the fear we all have when it comes to Halloween parties.

While everyone else dresses in cool and quirky outfits, you’re the one left out who goes full ‘zombie bride.’ Instead of having an accidental Halloween mistake, this girl decided to use this movie to her advantage. It totally works.

Play With Life

If you’ve ever played The Sims, you’ll know that there is nothing better than playing this game for hours on end. It’s kinda addictive.

It seems as though these ladies also love the game and the various Sim Expansion Packs that come with the franchise because they just knew that they had to dress up as Sims for this Halloween party. It must have taken them a while to color in all of those pixels, so we really hope that they also colored in another cardboard cutout for the other side of their body.

The best fans in the world

Do you wanna know who the best fans in the world are? Well, you’re looking at them! These are the best ceiling fans in existence because they reach new heights within their fandom. Quite literally.

In all seriousness, though, we really wish we had thought of this incredible idea. They’re preppy, they’re uniform, and they actually look like real cheerleaders. Authenticity is important when you’re choosing your Halloween costume, and the pun is even more important. You‘ve gotta be punny, guys. Luckily, these ladies have nailed both.

Belle of the ball

Although we know this is a Halloween costume, we’d actually wear this on a daily basis. Anyone know where we can pick one up? We guess we’ll just have to see if Taco Bell are selling them in their restaurants, because that’s where Taco Belle lives, right?

We’ll ask her if we can borrow it for a little while. Yes, this woman, named Olivia Mears who is not surprisingly a costume designer, really thought outside of the bun for this Halloween costume, and we’re a little blown away. Those flowers and the cuffs of her sleeves really are made out of taco wrappers. Genius.

Scary animals

One of the main themes of any Halloween costume is that you need to be at least a little bit scary – but these girls obviously didn’t get the memo.

While we appreciate their dedication to the cause and can’t deny the fact that they do indeed look like a fox and a dog, their attempt to scare us just isn’t working. To give them a little bit of credit, they have definitely tried to look scary. The claws are bared, and the faces are pulled, but they’re more hilarious than scary…

Wakanda forever!

Black Panther is one of the smartest and strongest superheroes out there in the Marvel Universe, so it’s no wonder this woman wanted to dress up as him for Halloween. However, as you can see, she has put her own spin on the classic costume, making it much more feminine.

We love it when woman takes a traditionally-male character costume and make it ten times better. Look out for this girl on Halloween, because she’ll certainly be saving some lives. Wakanda forever!

And I’m here to save the world

Supergirl first made her appearance in the comics all the way back in 1959. When all the men were looking to Superman to save them, Supergirl acted as a female counterpart that the ladies could idolize.

In this day and age, it’s awesome that there’s so many strong female superheroes to choose from. The woman pictured here wanted to be an inspiration for little girls everywhere, and we think she did a fabulous job. On Halloween night, she put on her latex and went out to save the day.

Danananana Batwoman!

This is seriously an amazing costume, and we’re wondering if this bat-woman bought it or made it herself. Typically, the outfit belongs to Bruce Wayne, but it looks as if this woman has stolen it! Do you think she is fighting for evil or for good?

It’s hard to know, especially in a place like Gotham. She’s popping her collar, which means she’s getting ready to go do her business. Being in this costume would make even the Joker ready to help out those in need!

Going Rogue

This young woman is all business as Rogue, a member of the X-Men whose mutant power is stealing the special abilities (and psychological baggage) of other mutants.

While we didn’t get to see it much in the X-Men movies, in the comics she actually gets superhuman strength and the ability to fly – by stealing it from none other than Captain Marvel! And now that Captain Marvel has made her MCU debut, we can’t help but wonder whether Rogue is far behind. If there are any such plans, we think we know who can play her…