Best jobs for people who love sports

Most sports fans dream of playing in the major leagues. However, for many people, this is merely a dream and one that is extremely difficult to achieve. Simply put, not everyone can be a world-class athlete. But thankfully, this does not take away from the love of sports, especially so once we understand how many careers are out there that still involve sports. There are even many positions that are sports related but do not require any athletic talent, they are merely related to athleticism, but are possible for all types of people.

Athletic trainers

Athletic trainers both help prevent and treat muscle and bone problems.  The job includes assessing injuries and providing first aid to your clients.  They always work with a physician who designs a treatment plan, and also creates personalized programs in order to help prevent future injuries.  Athletic trainers can work in a wide array of places, ranging from colleges, medical offices and even for sports teams.  In order to become a certified athletic trainer, it requires a bachelor’s degree and there is an average salary of $44, 600 per year.



Coaches are the people in charge of teaching athletes what they need to do and know in order to successfully play their sport, including how to prepare and how to go about the game often times. Coaches are also mentors and team leaders, they are in charge of practices and encouraging sportsmanship and ensuring that their team wins. In order to teach at a college, it requires a bachelor’s degree, however in other coaching position there in no prior studying needed.  The average yearly salary for a coach is $31, 000 annually.

Fitness director

Fitness directors are responsible for overseeing everything that goes in health clubs and gyms. They are in charge of the health-related issues, such as scheduling or creatives incentives for their clients. They both research as well purchase fitness equipment for their center. And they often teach fitness or nutrition classes. This is an ideal for someone who is interested in physiology and exercise, and have a passion for sports and being healthy.  There is no absolute requirement for a degree in this field and the average yearly salary is $36, 200.


A photojournalist is someone who photographs events and people for the media, however, a sports photographers are photojournalists who take pictures specifically for sporting events.  They are in charge of documenting the sporting event by taking action shots that are used with articles about the event. They often work irregular hours and have to stand up for long periods of time, however, if you love sports and photography then this is seriously a dream job. The average yearly salary is $31, 700.

Physical therapist

Physical therapists help their patients deal with their pain and recover from injuries, illness, and surgeries by providing them with rehabilitation. Part of being a physical therapist includes diagnosing the patient and creating a treatment plan for them, as well as teaching them how to move again following their injury. In order to pursue such a career, it requires higher education and board certification, and this is a very rewarding job for anyone who loves sports as well as helping people. The average annual salary is $84, 000.


Recreation worker

Recreation workers both design and lead leisure and sporting activities for all kinds of people. They work in places such as camps, parks and other facilities that offer leisure activities, for example gyms and senior centers.  As well as teaching sports, they also show other people how to engage in activities such as camping and hiking. They are similar to teachers, however specifically for recreation. The job requires a bachelor’s degree and has an average yearly salary of $23,320.

Sports psychologist

Sports psychologists work together with a team in order to help athletes with their mental well-being. They aim to help athletes establish a healthy relationship between their mind and body.  They also often work with non-athletes and use their techniques to help others succeed. A sports psychologist can help their clients improve their performance through goal-setting techniques, and also help athletes who struggle with depression, low self-esteem as well as performance anxiety. This job requires getting a doctoral degree as well as additional classes in sports medicine and other related fields. The average salary is $72, 580 annually.