5 benefits of weight training and why it’s better than cardio

Have you ever seen those treadmill bunnies at the gym? Who run for hours pushing themselves to the limit, sweating like crazy, however, even after a few years of seeing them at the gym, they don’t look all that different? Why is that? Well, running and cardio, of course, burns a lot of calories, but it does not actually change your body composition. So what does? What other ways can a person successfully work out? There is a popular misconception that weight training is only for men and will make women bulky.  That is completely wrong! Here are 5 benefits of weight training and why it’s more important than cardio.

Changes your body composition

Weight training will change your body composition in the ways that you want. Diet is what helps you to lose weight, however weight training is what actually changes your body composition. Cardio will assist in fat loss, but it does not do more than break down your existing tissue. This leaves you looking ‘skinny fat’. In order to achieve a toned look, heavy weights must be lifted. And they must be lifted right. Doing too many repetitions can become just another form of cardio, and will not help you.


Burns more calories

There is a common believe that cardio will burn more calorie than weight training, which is many cases, if you run long and hard enough, is, in fact, true.  However, this only bears true for the time of your workout. As soon as you get off the treadmill, you stop burning calories. But with weight training, you continue to burn calories for 2 full days following your workout. You also will not feel as though you worked as hard as you may have on a run.  And even better, for every pound of muscle you build, you burn another 50 calories while resting. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Cardio makes you think you can eat more

Many people think that since they went a long run that they are entitled to eat whatever they want, have another piece of cake or scoop of ice cream. There are many articles about how much exercise equals certain foods. But it is not so simple. You can not get rid of a desert by running for half an hour, let alone the fact that it is not the right way to think. And although many people have the same kind of thought process after weight training, cardio actually makes you a lot hungrier than weight training does, while at the same time burning more calories.

Gives you confidence

Lifting weights not only makes you stronger but also gives a sense of inner strength, which is turn is confidence. Knowing that you are physically stronger than most people will help you in many ways in life and will make you feel invincible.  Weightlifting accomplishments will stick with you forever and make you feel proud.


Gives you a toned buttock

Weight lifting, specifically squatting will give you a toned buttocks that no cardio can achieve. Enough said.