7 great fitness myths you need to be aware of

There are some people out there who just love to exercise (we don’t know how you do it) and those that struggle to get out of bed in the morning, let alone wake up at 6 am to go on a 10-mile run. But do anyone of us really know how to exercise by the book? With so many fitness myths surrounding us, it’s hard to know what we should really be doing to keep fit. So take a look at these 7 fitness myths and what the truth about exercising really is.

Myth 1 – It’s best to workout first thing in the morning

Truth – Thankfully, for those people who love a lie in (AKA us) this is not true. There is no set time of the day that’s better or worse for working out. The ideal time for anyone is when you can exercise in the most consistent way. If you know each day you can fit in half an hour at 6 am, then that is best for you. But if you know you can only fit in half an hour each day at 6 pm, that is also fine. Whatever works for you.


Myth 2  – Exercise is the best way to lose weight

Truth – Although exercise is a major factor in your quest to lose weight, it is not the best way to lose weight. In fact, scientists suggest that changing your diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle plays a bigger role in losing weight than exercise.

Myth 3 – Weight training is mostly for men

Truth – Nope. Exercise is never solely for one gender; exercise is a genderless free-for-all! Weight training is one of the most efficient ways to build and strengthen muscles – the only factor that may affect women that are strength training is that it may take longer to achieve the muscles you desire, as women produce less testosterone which is vital in producing muscle mass.


Myth 4 – Sports drinks are the ideal post-workout drink

Truth – Many people believe that drinking a sports drink after their workout is the best way to rehydrate their body after a session. However, this is a myth. Most of the sports drinks on the market are made primarily of sugar and water rather than being a nutritious and healthy drink. Experts suggest that drinking a good amount of water after your workout is the perfect way to refresh your body, as well as indulging in a high-protein snack (or a banana!) to repair your muscles.

Myth 5 – You only need to work out once or twice a week to stay in shape

Truth – If you want to sustain a healthy body, you need to be moving around much more than just once or twice a week. Experts suggest that technically you should be actively moving about every day, but working out at least three days a week would prove most beneficial.

Myth 6 – If you want 6-pack abs, sit-ups are the best exercise for you

Truth – Sit-ups are incredibly beneficial when it comes to training your abdominal muscles, but there is another exercise that would prove even more so if you watch 6-pack abs. Planking not only uses your abdominal muscles, but they also use the groups of muscles along your back, sides, and front to maintain and progress with a strong core.


Myth 7 – It takes two weeks to become ‘out of shape’

Truth – Unfortunately, it is worse than that. Your muscles can become weaker and can start to break down after a week if you do not continue to exercise and maintain muscle strength. Once you stop training, your muscles become deconditioned – so you need to use it or lose it.