The benefits of the burpee

You’d be forgiven for thinking we should excuse ourselves for being rude (it wasn’t us, it was our food), but in fact, a burpee is a fantastic exercise that can do wonders for your body. It is made up of jumping, squatting and a small semi-push up all rolled into one. While this sounds like incredibly hard work, you would be amazed how quickly you can lose yourself when going through the motions on repeat; which is excellent when you discover all the wondrous benefits this can have on your body.

Total body workout

When looking for a new exercise routine, it is ideal to find one that will save time and work your whole body at once. Well, here you go! A burpee is a brilliant way to pump up your cardio, as well as incorporating strength training into your workout. The way you do a burpee means that you need to include nearly every part of your body. This can save you a heap of time as you no longer need to go around the circuit working each individual muscle. Performing a set of burpees burns a phenomenal amount of calories (which is always great news) as well as boosting your metabolism for the rest of the day. Once you’ve burpee-d the benefits don’t stop.

Get stronger

If you’ve been trying to achieve that Arnie body but don’t know where to begin, then this may be a good place to start. When doing your burpee reps, you are using all the major muscles in your body which helps to build them up, which in turn makes them stronger. In fact, burpees are such a beneficial workout that they use them in the military when putting the soldiers through their paces. Have no fear though; there hopefully won’t be anyone shouting down at you while you’re doing them at home. Well, unless you’re into that kind of thing. You may feel as though your legs are about to drop off, or your arms are shaking like never before but this means one thing: you’re getting stronger.

Do them anywhere

There won’t be any excuses for not doing your exercises now because not only do burpees not require any specialist equipment, but you can also do them anywhere. This is the beauty of the burpee – a person with any level of fitness can give them a go as you can adapt them to suit your level of intensity. But the fact that you don’t have to fork out on expensive items to even give them a go means there’s no excuse not to try them now. You may want to ensure you aren’t somewhere with a low roof though otherwise, the jumping could be interesting.

Endurance boost

Total body workout? Check. Improve strength? Check. Versatile? Check. Would you believe that in top of all of these great benefits you can also up your endurance? Well you’re in luck as that is exactly what you’ll do. After performing several repetitions of burpees on different days you should notice that they’re getting easier in addition to being able to do more before falling to the floor. This means that your body is adapting better to endure the exercise. This benefit means your body will start to use oxygen more efficiently to supply all the muscles you are using with an adequate amount.

We admit, doing burpees isn’t a walk in the park – but they definitely burn more calories. With so many great benefits of the exercise, it can be hard to find an excuse as to why you shouldn’t include them in your next workout routine. You don’t have to go and do 100 instantly (but hats off if you can), but starting with 5 or 10 is a brilliant first goal to work your way up to becoming the ultimate fit machine.