5 sports you didn’t know existed

Let’s be honest; sport isn’t for everyone. Some of us like to sit, eat popcorn and watch sport from a distance (totally us) whereas others like to be actively involved in the sports (totally not us). But of course, sport has its bonuses. It’s a great way to exercise, to compete against one another, as well as bring communities together. We all know the most common; football, cycling, swimming, golf, horse riding, etc. But there are other sports that have yet to reach mainstream culture. You’re really going to want to read this.

Volcano boarding

Also known as volcano surfing, volcano boarding is probably the most dangerous and outlandish sport on this list (as if you couldn’t tell by the name), with its most popular destination being Nicaragua, in Central America. This risky activity involves riding down volcanic slopes on pieces of wood or metal while wearing protective jumpsuits and goggles. Potential dangers include breathing in poisonous gasses, falling off and cutting yourself on sharp volcanic ash or perhaps being hit by flying molten lava. I mean, why wouldn’t anyone want to do that? Just kidding, volcano boarding sounds absolutely horrific and completely terrifying.


Chess boxing

I bet you’re wondering, ‘what the heck is chess boxing?’ Well, the creators of this sport weren’t feeling too creative the day they thought this one up, so it really is what it sounds like. The game is especially popular in Germany, Great Britain, Russia and India, chess boxing is a combination of physical capability as well as mental mind games. Each game consists of six rounds of chess and five rounds of boxing, with the overall objective being to get a checkmate or to knock your opponent out. This definitely is not a match made in heaven. We can’t play chess or box. Sorry, but we’re out.



We’re totally down for Bossaball. This quirky new sport combines elements of football, volleyball, gymnastics and trampolining all while on an inflatable court. And of course, you couldn’t play a game of Bossaball without a cool musical soundtrack, could you? Bossaball is basically one big party, that has a little bit of exercise thrown in for good measure (that’s our kind of sport). The game was first invented in 2004 and has since become a popular sport for people who just want a good time. But don’t get us wrong – there are some pretty intense professional Bossaball players out there, too.


Underwater ice hockey

I mean, you just read that title, and you think…huh? Underwater ice hockey is often called Sub-aqua Ice Hockey (which doesn’t make it sound any better), and it’s pretty wacky.Participants of this sport effectively play ice hockey while they’re submerged underneath frozen pools or ponds. They use the frozen ice as their hockey surface and hit it to each other in a fashion similar to your normal ice hockey. They’re just upside down. And under frozen ice. No biggie. Thankfully, the player does get to wear wetsuits and can wear fins to aid their swimming. But there are no oxygen tanks allowed, we’re afraid. Instead, the game is a bit stop-and-start as the players have to retreat to the surface every so often to catch their breath.



Yep, we really haven’t made this up. Promise. Despite its alarming procedure, this sport is gaining traction in the world of exercise and even holds its own World Championships! You don’t need a lot for a game of Headis, just a table tennis table, and a rubber ball. Once you’ve got those, you’re ready to go. The aim of the sport is simple; it’s like a game of table tennis, but you can only hit the ball with your head. If the ball hits any other part of your body, you’re out. Luckily, your body can hit the table, so the majority of the game consists of bodies flailing around on a table, trying to header a small ball. We’ll just let that image sink in.


Are you looking for a new sport to try out? Why not try one of these (extremely) unusual sports that you didn’t know existed?