Our Nations Past Pastime?

“Take me out to the ball game….” Or better yet, don’t.

To this day, baseball is referred to as “America’s pastime”, but statistics show otherwise. Polls taken over the past number of years have shown that the majority of Americans prefer to watch football over any other sport, and we can’t exactly say that we find this surprising. It’s almost impossible to spend a day in any even remotely populated area without running in to at least a handful of people sporting NFL shirts, hoodies, hats, etc. (pardon our pun).


And it’s not just National league teams that get the attention; College football has become a big deal (to put it lightly) throughout the entire nation. The National Collegiate Athletic Association, better known as the NCAA, is comprised of 11 different competitive football divisions, ranging 4 to 15 teams per division. We’re discussion sports, so we’ll save you the math, suffice to say that that’s a LOT of football!

Other than the fact that there seems to be more people playing football than there are grains of sand on a beach, it makes sense that a sport like football would overthrow baseball as America’s sports-sweetheart. We’re living in the smart-phone era, where the name of the game is instant-gratification. We like to non-stop text, send pictures of what we’re eating before we eat it, browse Facebook before we get to a computer, get our coffee from a drive through. From seeing a post go up on twitter to click-and-watch movies, we know what we want and we want it now! As anyone who has ever watched even a portion of a baseball game would know, there’s very rarely anything fast about it. Football, on the other hand, feeds not just our hunger for constant SOMETHING, but the full-contact nature of the game is fulfilling to the ever growing demand for violent entertainment.

It’s more than just the numbers that show the American immigration from baseball to a more football-focused society, the signs are everywhere, literally. It’s almost impossible to go anywhere without seeing one of the Mannings holding up some product on the side of a bus, or to hear about Dorito’s new Astroturf-flavored Nacho Chips (OK, I might have made that last one up… but you get the point).

There’s something sad about leaving baseball behind as America’s pastime… the hallmark of a slower, more patient USA has ended. But, all things must pass. In the meantime, we’re hoping that football will eventually be surpassed by something significantly more awesome, anybody else have their fingers crossed for jetpack basketball?