How the Indiana Pacers scored eight points in 9 seconds

Basketball, man! We just can’t get enough of this game. Like many people, we were late to the party when discovering how amazing basketball is as a spectacle. But, once we understood the appeal and the way the game works we were hooked, and we have been ever since. There’s a reason the NBA is one of the most watched and lucrative sporting leagues in the world.

The game is rip-roaring, frenetic, and utterly compelling, and every week we seem to see some truly stunning contests. There are so many excellent games and some teams who simply play wonderful basketball. One of the most memorable games in living memory came way back in 1995 and still lives in the memories of fans across the globe.

The game

The date was May 7th, 1995. The venue, Madison Square Garden. The two teams were the New York Knicks and the Indiana Pacers who were going head to head. The match was one of the craziest ever seen in the NBA, and filled with controversy, excitement, and eventual Knicks heartbreak, as the Pacers wound up 107-105 winners. Now, what is even more amazing about this result is the fact that the Knicks were nailed-on favorites, and they had a 105-99 lead going into the final 18 seconds.

What happened?

As Knicks fans were preparing themselves to celebrate, calling home to tell loved ones, and deciding what bars to hit after the game, the unthinkable happened. One moment they were staring Eastern Conference semifinal victory in the face, the next they were nursing heartbreak. Reggie Miller, the Pacers’ MVP and the man nicknamed Knick Killer, struck against the NYK once again. Miller scored a stunning 8 points in just 9 seconds, right at the death, to see the Pacers claim their famous win.

How did he do it?

So, how did Miller manage this? It’s a pretty impressive feat, even for a professional player. Well, it’s documented that Miller was one of the finest three-point shooters the sport has ever known, and that is still the case today. But, the manner of the 8 points he scored here was so dramatic that it has gone down in the annals of NBA history. After throwing two 3-pointers in quick succession to tie the game at 105-105. After throwing one 3-pointer, he stole the subsequent pass and scored another almost immediately. Then, after a defensive foul, he dispatched two free throws to clinch a memorable victory. The Knicks never recovered.

As you can imagine this is one of the greatest and most dramatic NBA matches of all time. Reggie Miller cemented his status as one of the greatest ever players and the nemesis of the Knicks. Ending the game with 31 points, and lifelong hatred from Knicks fans, Miller played his entire career for the Pacers. If you ever get the chance to revisit this game, we definitely recommend it. You can probably find it on YouTube, and they always show highlights of it on TV. This is the game to show people who haven’t yet been bitten by the basketball bug.