What is the Big Deal With Copa America?

While it might not have always been as big as it is today, one thing is certain, Copa America is one of the most important sporting competitions in the world, and is really starting to gain a lot of momentum in the United States. Let us back track a bit, in English Copa America translates into America’s Cup. The sport in question that we are talking about is actually soccer, or as the rest of the world calls it football. Copa America has always been a really big deal further south of the border, but nowadays, it is starting to catch on in the United States for a few reasons. We might also add that in our opinion it is 100 years too late, as this year is the Centennial Copa America.


As you all know, the United States is a land of immigrants, today there are a lot of people from Latin American countries living in the United States, and the viewership for soccer is on the rise. With viewership on the rise, there are also more people playing soccer than ever before. The game is also becoming more competitive in the United States, and more and more people are starting to play it. The quality of the game has also increased, while ten years ago the United States National Soccer Team was a bit of laughingstock on the international stage, today, it is getting to be really good. This means that we will probably put up a pretty good fight at the 100th Copa America. It would be great to see the United States Progress past the quarterfinals. Sadly though, we will be competing against teams like Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile, the current Copa America champion.

To conclude, soccer is, and always has been a great game, and the Copa America has been the arena where some of the worlds best battle it out for fame glory, and country.