Intel Is Betting Big On Sports With Replay Tech

The Israel based start-up Replay Technologies that develops three dimensional video broadcasting software has been brought by Intel who are continuing to heavily invest in sports technology. The tech giant, Intel who partnered last month with Replay tech at the NBA All Stars game, making use of 28 high definition cameras and three dimensional rendering technology that gave the fans a sensational three hundred and sixty-degree view of different plays from all angles.

Senior VP at Intel, Wendell Brooks, announced that the recent acquisition of Replay was naturally the next step in their collaboration. Together, Intel and Replay have the ability to scale this new type of sports entertainment, more commonly referred to as immersive sports which is attracting all manner of attention.

Terms of the deal have not been made public knowledge but according to Israeli media, Intel paid $175 million for Replay Technologies. However, it is common knowledge that for the past year Intel have made real efforts to bring its technology into the sports niche.

Steve Holmes, Intel’s VP of Innovation in Smart Devices spoke in January about their partnership with X Games, Aspen. Holmes explained that Intel was at the point where they are able to combine miniature technology with computational horsepower. This message was again reiterated by Intel at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where Intel also disclosed new partnerships with the likes of Oakley, Red Bull, New Balance, ESPN to name just a few.

During his keynote speech the CEO of Intel, spoke about how they could use Intel’s hardware and software to help the brand New Balance to develop their next generation of smartwatches, or how they can help Oakley to make smart glasses that can provide coaching during exercise for people through breakthrough speech activated technology. The CEO was also quick to demonstrate the three dimensional innovations that the acquisition of Replay Technologies means that they can offer.

Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, was part of a separate panel that sat at CES where the topic that they were discussing was that of sports tech investing. There were other key figures such as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban and also Shaquille O’Neal, the former NBA superstar who is a big sports geek. Krzanich explained that the surge in sports technology investments could be credited entirely to the actual improvements that have been made in the actual technology. Krzanich also explained that innovations such as wearable devices and virtual reality are now available to be used by everyone. It really is the beginning to breakthrough into daily life and if you think that it is big now, just keep watching over the next 2 – 3 years when this will be followed by the next set of technological breakthroughs. Krzanich added that it was essential that technology was brought into sports otherwise there is no doubt that they will fall behind.

Krzanich ended by explaining that no matter where you went around the world, and whatever industry you spoke to, each and every one confirmed that they realized that technology is the way forwards as it brings new customers, new ways in which to examine data and providing an efficiency that is far better than ever before. The industries that have chosen to ignore technology are the ones that are falling way behind their competitors and will eventually find themselves ruled out of the market. This is something that is also true of the sports community and one of the main reasons why it was the right time for Intel to acquire the technology genius offered by Replay Technologies.