5 Artists We Want To Perform In Future Superbowls

Some of the biggest names in music haven’t been given the opportunity to headline their own Superbowl Halftime Shows. These artists redefine what it is to be a talented performer and know how to capture an audience with their stage presence alone. Come on NFL – give these guys a chance!

#1: Pink

Pink has been overlooked for far too long. Pink is known for her theatrical stage stunts, which look especially majestic when she’s live. She’s also an appropriate role model to put center stage; she’s an animals rights activist and a supporter of body positive image. When don’t we need to set these relevant standards for young viewers everywhere? The pop-rockstar should have headlined a Superbowl Halftime Show by this point in her career but for some reason, the NFL hasn’t offered the superstar a gig yet.


#2: Drake

Who doesn’t love Drake? As a Superbowl Halftime performer, the soft-heart rapper would appeal to each member of the audience, regardless of their age or gender. Drake has that special combination of being family friendly with a hip hop edge. Besides, we think it would be cool to see him invite Lil’ Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and the rest of the young Money family on stage.

2015 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1 - Day 3

#3: Adele

We understand Adele may not be the type of performer that the NFL wants to headline their Halftime Show. Although, they’re severely underestimating the music powerhouse – in our personal opinion, at least. She has a voice that could echo throughout the entire stadium and her style of music may be a nice contrast to the maniacal hype that usually ensues during the Superbowl. Think about it, NFL.


#4: Kanye West

We debated putting Yeezy on the list because of his recent mental health setbacks. It’s true, maybe Kanye could use a break from the spotlight. But, at the same time, after the year this genius rapper has had maybe he’s deserving of his own Halftime Superbowl Show. We’d all love to watch the Kanye we know and love perform his heart out center stage. It would be a darn good show, too.

American artist Kanye West performs at the Ramat gan stadium, near Tel Aviv, Israel, on September 30, 2015. Photo by FLASH90

#5: Miley Cyrus

Whether you like her not, you gotta admit that Miley would give the country something crazy to talk about after her performance airs live. In retrospect, Miley seems like the perfect Superbowl performer because she embodies every emotion and adrenaline rush that the biggest game of the year evokes in its audience. She’ll keep the party going and give you something to marvel at while you patiently wait for halftime to end.