26 things I learned after running 26 miles

If you’ve ever run a full 26.2 mile Marathon, then you surely have learned a great deal both about yourself and about what it really means to run a marathon.  Although we all dream of crossing that finish line, the journey to get there is what it’s really about. Here are 26 things I learned about running 26 miles.


  1. Although I love running more than anything, waking up at the crack of dawn every day makes me question my love of running.
  2. Even though I can run for hours straight, and like to believe I am made of steel, I will always inevitably be exhausted before the end of the day.
  3. It’s uncomfortable asking even my closest of friends for donations in my fundraising efforts.
  4. Having the goal of a marathon gets rid of any shopping guilt on running gear and gadgets.
  5. My alcohol tolerance level went to non-existent. And I was alright with that.
  6. There is nothing worse than a long training run done on a treadmill.
  7. I was always sore and craving a massage no matter how much I stretched.
  8. Distance seriously gains a new perspective and hills become breakfast.
  9. Chafing is just a part of Marathon training that can’t be fought and it comes in the most uncomfortable of places.
  10. A long run is the ideal time to my clear my mind and come up with solutions to world problems.
  11. I was secretly happy when I got injured because I finally got to rest without feeling bad about it.
  12. My playlist and the beat of my favorite songs is the only thing that can get me through a tough run.
  13. Eating properly for training is one of the hardest things to master. Too much carb loading leads to stomach problems while not enough leads to serious depletion.marathon2
  14. Checking the weather every few minutes as well as hoping it would change became my new obsession.
  15.  I learned a comeback for everything anyone said against running such an unnatural distance.
  16. All runners are connected, and I really felt this through simple looks of approval, high fives or thumbs up from my fellow runners.
  17. My social life completely changed and I was always ready to be the first one to leave the party or fall asleep at the table.
  18. I got sick a lot and the miles challenged my immune system constantly.
  19. On early morning runs, I would see people coming back home from the night before. It made me appreciate where I was at, and also despise it at the same time.
  20. I discovered new parts of my city that I would have never otherwise found. Getting lost definitely had its advantages.
  21. I actually gained weight through Marathon training due to all the muscle gain, glycogen storage and desire to never move again after a long run.
  22. I will never have nice feet again, but that’s the pride of being a distance runner.
  23. The big day is the often the only thing that kept me motivated and picturing the finish line. Also that Facebook post after.
  24. Tapering felt so wrong and scary.
  25. Running a marathon really means that impossible is nothing and gave me a new perspective on life and myself.
  26. Even after all the training, I still had thoughts of stopping during the Marathon. But there really is nothing like crossing the finish line, a feeling of satisfaction that lasts forever.