The best sports video games

Sports are so popular across the world, and there are a lot of different sports that have a global fan base. The great thing about sports is that they unite people, bring us together, fill us with agony, ecstasy, and a longing for the glory day. There is nothing quite like that unbridled sense of euphoria that comes from seeing your team win or score. But, what if you could have that every day, whenever you wanted it?! Read on to discover more…

Such is the popularity of some sports that they have been immortalized in console form. We’re talking, of course, about sports video games. These are the perfect chance to take the role of your favorite player or team, and give them the success you’ve always wanted them to have. You could play as giants of the game, and cement a monopoly, or take charge of underdogs and catapult them into the spotlight. Whatever your preference, here are some of the best ever sports video games.

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NBA 2K11

NBA 2K11 might just be the single best basketball game ever to be released. Sure, NBA Jam could also make a play for that spot, but we love how much this game has stayed with us over the years. Combining the fun arcade-style of NBA Street, with the modern realism of games like NBA2K16, this was the offering basketball fans had been missing for years, we just didn’t know it! And, the fact that it has an entire Michael Jordan function makes this a cut above the better graphics and gameplay of later releases.

Madden 2005

John Madden has forged a hugely successful post-playing career fronting his range of EA Sports produced NFL games. There have been loads of entries in the Madden back catalog, but, we have to say that Madden 2005 has to be the best. This is one of the most underrated football games ever, and one that proved to be a game-changer for the series, with the introduction of the so-called “hit stick” function. The game made you feel like you were part GM, part wide-receiver, and part linebacker. Oh, and it looked great as well!


Everybody knows there is a new FIFA soccer game out every year, and they have become progressively more immersive, but FIFA 2012 has to rank as the best. Not only are the graphics ace, the gameplay seamless, and the player/manager mode set the benchmark for future FIFA games. Also, importantly, this was arguably the game that ended the FIFA vs. Pro Evo soccer video game battle, and set FIFA aside as the ultimate console game for those who consider themselves soccer mad!

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Football Manager 2014

Any soccer aficionado should be familiar with the Football Manager series. This is the most in-depth and authentic football management simulation of all time, and the perfect exercise in wish fulfillment. There have been some excellent entries in the series, namely Football Manager 2007, and Football Manager 2010. But, FM14 takes the title because it does a little of everything, and does it brilliantly, and the 3-D match engine is our favorite too!

We’re sure you’ll have some ideas in mind, some of them may not be on our list, but, you’ll no doubt see something you like on here. Of course, it largely depends on the sort of sports you love, but there are video games for sports lovers all over the world. And this is the list we feel encapsulates our favorites, titles we can dust off and play again and again.