Does your kid have a talent for sports?

We’d all love for our children to find something they’re really good at – and that they enjoy! However, how are you supposed to know if they’ve got a specific talent? Something that they can really put their heart and soul into? Here’s how to figure out if your kid has a talent for a specific type of sport, and what to do next.

Different skills

As your child grows up, you’ll begin to notice different parts of their personality, what they’re good at, what they’re not so good at, and their skillset. Even at a very young age, you’ll be able to gauge things like their hand-eye coordination skills, their balance, their speed, and so on. By keeping a note of all the skills your child is picking up as they grow, you’ll be able to get a good idea of what kinds of sport they’ll excel in. For example, a child with no balance is unlikely to be a very good gymnast. A child that runs around the house constantly, and at speed, may do well in something like football or athletics. You’ll soon work out what kind of sport will be best for them, based on their skills and personalities.


Try everything

You never know if your child is going to be good at something unless you give it a go! Of course, it can be expensive to enroll your child in dozens of different sports teams and classes. Instead, try taking them down to the park with sports equipment and see how they get on. Can they hit a 6 straight out of the park with a baseball bat? Are they an incredible goalkeeper? Find a few that you think your child really excels at, before looking into the different classes in your area. You can then choose a handful for your child to try out! Just try not to cram too many different sports into their life, all in one week. Otherwise they’ll find it difficult to learn anything about each of them.


Watching sport

Do you watch different types of sport with your child? If not, this is something you should start doing if you want them to develop a talent for one of them! Children learn through doing, but also by watching. So, take them to the home games and put sports on the TV whenever you can. You’ll quickly find out which types of sport they enjoy and which they lose all interest in. Focus on the ones they enjoy and let them develop their skills and passion through watching their favorite teams and players.


Find their passion

Finally, your child won’t have a talent in anything unless they have a real passion for it. Trying to force a specific hobby on your child is never going to work in your favor (or theirs). The examples we’ve given above are perfect for discovering your child’s hidden talent AND their passion. The sport they most want to watch on TV, the class they most want to attend; these are all ways of working out what they love. And if you love something, you’ll truly excel.

You now have all of the tools you need to find out if your child has a talent for a specific type of sport. Never push them into anything they don’t want to do and always make sure they’re following their passion, and you might have the next Michael Jordan in your family!