The most important nutrients for athletes

Have you ever looked at athletes who achieve impressive feats and wondered about the secrets behind their success? Well, it’s not easy being a professional athlete, that’s for sure, and it’s even less easy being a successful one. There are a lot of different facets involved in being a professional athlete, and it’s important to understand what is involved in their training and lifestyle choices.

Athletes need people on their team who are looking after them and their bodies. They need to make sure they exercise regularly, and that they eat the right things at the right times. Getting the proper nutrients in your body is crucial when you’re trying to develop and improve your physique as a player or performer. Here is a look at some of the most important nutrients that athletes need the most.


Carbohydrates are crucial for athletes because of the fact that they give the body energy. This is often why athletes will eat a bowl of pasta immediately after they’ve finished training or playing. In fact, it has been suggested that athletes acquire around half of all their daily calories from carbohydrates. They provide the muscles with glucose and sugar, and they give the body slow release energy throughout the day. The best things for athletes to eat in order to get their carb fix include rice, pasta, and cereal.



Proteins are also a hugely important part of the process of building the athlete’s body. But, it’s important to regulate them, as too much protein can have a negative affect. Protein contains a lot of fat, and, any fat the body doesn’t use can wind up being stored in the body as excess fat. Having said that, protein is a staple of mealtimes for most people, and athletes will almost always have one lot of protein on a daily basis. The foods we’re talking about here include things like meat, fish, meat substitutes, and cheese.

Vitamins and minerals

It’s all about having a balance in your body, and that’s why vitamins and minerals are so crucial. They give the body valuable nutrients and help athletes to reach the elite levels they compete at. Vitamins and minerals are crucial for allowing the body to reach its peak, and function as well as possible. Some of the key vitamins and minerals can be bought in tablet form over the counter, while others can come from a well-balanced diet. Professional athletes will often have personal physicians and nutritionists on hand to help them make the right call.



Fat can actually be really important and good for the body, it’s all about using it in moderation. The right levels of fat are key for ensuring the body and brain get the right fuel and to help them make use of other vitamins inside the body. Fats are in just about everything we eat, so the goal is to try to regulate fat intake as much as possible. Fat consumption should account for around 30% of your calorie intake so as to remain good for you.


The human body is made up primarily of water, and, as such, this is such an important nutrient for the body. Athletes exert themselves hugely, which means they need to hydrate and ensure they are keeping their fluid levels up. If you are an aspiring (or practicing) athlete, it is imperative to make sure you keep hydrated and drink plenty of water before and after exerting yourself.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you need to ensure you’re having the right intake of nutrients and minerals. The body is such a fragile thing, and, it’s important that you look after it. Athletes put their bodies through the ringer, so they have to ensure they make the most of these five essential nutrients to help them stay strong and healthy.