Why You Should Take Your Date Out To A Soccer Game

You just started dating and you’re almost on the verge of defining your relationship, you know, that imaginary relationship bridge that you can either cross over to becoming more romantic and affectionate, or pretty much reach the place where you want to jump off. There are many ways and many underlying signs to have in order to know whether you’re at that point with your date, but there is really one thing you could do that could really help you figure things out, and that is to take your lovely date to a real soccer game.


When you think about it, there are actually quite a few similarities to dating and playing soccer. Everyone knows that when you date, whether you want it to bet that way or not, there are unspoken of rules that you must “follow” before you get to a more comfortable place. It’s unfortunate sometimes but that’s just how it goes. The rules of a soccer game can quite amazingly apply on the dating world. Once you take your date out to watch a soccer game, you can have that live analogy right in front of your eyes that would give you a kick on the right direction.

Meet Me Half Way

Just like in soccer, the ball is always on someone’s side. You may not realize it, but it’s always someone else pulling the strings and taking the lead. When you just start dating, it’s as if you met on a blank field with two very symmetric opposite sides. After you kickoff you keep crossing to each other’s halves trying to meet one another in the middle.



The offside rule can be a quite tricky one and you have to be very careful when you play. The offside rule is probably the most misunderstood rule in soccer, but if we try to dumb it down and compare it to the dating scene, just make sure you play it safe when you get closer to the other person’s goal.


Penalty Cards

You only get a few second chances. If you’re having fun and you want to let your date know that you are pretty much into her, you will only have so many opportunities to do so before she takes out her yellow card on you and calls you off. Oh and you should probably avoid a red card if you really like the girl.


Extra Time

Sure we’re only human and it might take us a little bit more time than we thought to figure things out. So if you need that extra time to think things through, make sure you use it wisely and please don’t let your date know that you asked for additional time. That is never a good idea.

The Corner Kick

If you decided to take extra time, just make sure your eyes don’t wander around to other corners, or in other words, keep your ball in the bounded zone. Until you decide you want to move on at least.



No, we don’t mean in the sexual way. Scoring in dating is pretty much the realization that you want to be all in and invested in  the other person. It means your heart has crossed over the goal line feels comfortable enough to stay there.


Not All Is Fair in Love and War

Yes the concept of being totally free of rules when it comes to dating and love might sound very nice and even quite romantic, but trust us, once you follow some of these basic rules, you will probably get much further with your relationship.

Besides all of these, trust us when we say that if you take your date to see 22 men running around a field wearing short shorts, will definitely gain you major points.