Values Which You Learn By Playing A Contact Sport Like Football

Football happens to be one of America’s favorite sports, it is a game of speed, agility, grace, and of course violence. Like nearly all contact sports, there are few values, which you can take away. While you can learn a lot from football, recent events make it really clear that not everyone who plays the game plays it by the rules.


When you play a contact sport, the most important thing you can do is watch out for your teammate. In a violent game like football, it is essential that you do so. If you don’t, your teammate will get seriously injured or even killed. Every year, you hear about cases where one played gets his back broken, or another player has his head bashed in, during a tackle. All of these cases are completely preventable. If you know that your teammates are watching out for you, you know that the opposing team knows this, and that they are unlikely to pull a fast one on you, and injure you in the middle of a tackle. This means that you will be able to have a fun and safe game of football.

As a good game of football normally requires a team, any player will no the value of teamwork. The only way to win is to work as one. In a game of football, the interests of the individual players must be superseded by the needs of the team. While this surely means that players might get disappointed if they don’t play, it also means that those players need to deal with it, and know that they’ll probably play in the next game. This will help you keep a positive and optimistic attitude when negative things happen.

During life, bad things are bound to happen, you may lost a game or two, you may have broken up with your girlfriend, or you might even loose your job or house. With that being said, we all know that life isn’t always pleasant. It’s not supposed to be, we all have battles that we have lost, and fights that we have not won. When stuff like this happens, there are two ways which we can react, we can either blame others for our faults, or we can blame ourselves, and work to make things better again. Being a football player, there are going to be games, which we will loose, and we know that in order to be a successful athlete, we must pick ourselves off ground, and get back and fight. Its not easy, and it never will be easy, but deep down inside we know that our successes and failures come from our ability to take responsibility for our actions. Sadly this is a lesson that not everyone learns, and all we have to do is look at people such as O.J. Simpson and Aaron Hernandez, who have disgraced the game with their actions.

Lastly, we learn the value, and the need to stay healthy by playing football. If we are out of shape or sick, we will get badly injured. Therefore it is important for us to diet, and to take care of our injuries. There is no shame in admitting that they are too injured, or old to play. It’s best to leave the game when you don’t know if you can safely play it, as you become a danger to both yourself and your teammates.

In conclusion, by playing football, you will learn a lot about yourself and about others. You should learn the difference between right and wrong, and your attitude towards life will definitely improve, as well as your health.