Will Arsene Wenger Ever Leave Arsenal?

It seems like every week, Arsenal fans are chanting something different at their manager, Arsene Wenger. One week it’s “Get Wenger Out!” And the next they’re singing his praises. After 20 years as the Arsenal manager, will the Frenchman ever leave the club? Recent news says he’s not planning on it anytime soon.



There is no denying that Arsene Wenger is one of the most prolific managers the club have ever seen. Joining the club back in 1996 the Frenchman had some serious tricks up his sleeves, that quickly turned the team into an incredible success. His plan? Buy cheap, young players and train them up. In the 1997-98 season he managed to convince teenage Anelka to join the club, showing that he really knew what he was doing with young talent. Of course, his most prized purchase was Thierry Henry who people thought he was crazy for buying. The young striker had been riddled with injury for the last 7 months, but Wenger knew that meant he could get him on the cheap. Henry quickly became one of the most loved Arsenal players of all time.

The Invincibles

Ask any Arsenal fan what Wenger’s defining moment was and they’ll quickly start talking about The Invincibles. A year after being mocked for telling the world his team could go a season unbeaten, the team managed 49 league games without losing one of them. Their run was destroyed on their 50th game against Manchester United, where they lost 2-0. It didn’t matter, however, as the boys were riding high. They became The Invincibles, and it’s something that will stay in the heart of fans forever. This 2003-2004 team included Henry (of course), Vieira, Pires, Bergkamp, Reyes, Ashley Cole, and a whole host of other legends.

Recent Times

There has been a lot of unrest from Arsenal fans in recent times, particularly as Wenger doesn’t seem too keen on buying players that the team need. It seems as though every Arsenal fan has become an armchair manager, as they constantly make angry ‘suggestions’ as to who the club should buy. It’s funny how quickly they have forgotten that Wenger had never needed to spend a lot of money in order to take the team to the top. With Arsenal being one of the richest, debt-free clubs in the Premier League, it’s clear that the manager likes to run the club like a business. But it doesn’t sit well with some fans. Of course, it would be a different story if they were winning.

What’s Next?

According to the recent stories, Wenger isn’t planning on leaving anytime soon. He’s mentioned to the press that he’s looking to spend some cash over the summer – something which many fans are relieved to hear. If you want our opinion, he’s not going to leave until he gets one more Premier League trophy under his belt. That’ll be the cherry on top of the cake, and Wenger wants to make sure he leaves on a high note. And so he should, when people are constantly heckling at him to leave. If that was any of us, we’d probably want to walk out with our head held high. As opposed to being pushed out.

No matter what you think of Arsene Wenger, there is no denying he’s done some serious magic for the club. With a trophy cabinet full of cups and awards, he should be proud of what he’s done with Arsenal. I guess the next question is – who would they get to replace him anyway?! We’re holding out hope for Thierry Henry to make a comeback, just in a manager’s suit this time instead.