What The Yankees Can Do To Become a Great Team Again

The New York Yankees are one of baseballs greatest teams, or at the very least, they used to be. Nowadays though, things aren’t really looking too good for the Yankees. For starters, what they really need is a miraculous resurrection of George Steinbrenner. Only he could scare them into performing the way they are paid to. Sadly this looks like it won’t happen so we must look for a more realistic option.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees

In my opinion, I think that the root of the Yankees problem is the fact that their manager, and coaching staff are incompetent, or just merely sloppy. If I owned the team, perhaps the first thing that I would do is fire the whole staff, and rebuild it from scratch. Now we move on to the players. If you are good coach, you will by now have realized that most athletes at a certain level are pretty much equal. The average Red Sox Player is just as fit as the average Yankee, that is the way that most teams work. It is even said that the most important muscle in a players body is his brain. I think that with the right encouragement, and threats for that matter, members of the Yankees will shape up. Undoubtedly, there will be some casualties, and some good players might get cut as well, but the only way change will come to this team is if the management takes charge and makes some drastic changes. It won’t be either pretty or easy as these things never are, but once players start to get the message that a poor attitude will not cut it, things will really start to change quickly.

To conclude, while George Steinbrenner isn’t jumping out of the grave soon, the Yankees are still salvageable, and if some basic steps are taken, they can easily become a great team again.