Things only most dedicated sports fans do

There are some seriously dedicated sports fans out there who sometimes do really unique things that will make no sense to non-sports fans. They follow a certain standard that cannot be simply explained to the non-sports fan. Here are some of the things that they do, explained.

Watch the game at a bar

Most people who are not sports fans find it very hard to understand why anyone would want to spend money and go out just to watch the game when they could watch it from the comfort of their own home. But a dedicated sports fan will explain that they cannot stay home eating popcorn. Sports fans absolutely love to get rowdy about the game with a bunch of strangers who are passionate about the same thing as them.


Affect the game from their couch

Generally, people do not take credit for things that they played no role in. However, sports fan often times take credit for affecting the team’s success by simply watching the game from their own couch. Dedicated sports fans believe that whatever they have done, ranging from where they sat on the couch to screaming at their television with reverse psychology methods, that they have in fact affected the turnout of the game. Non-sports fan will be shocked to be asked to leave the room during the game and insulted to hear that they are causing bad luck. But to sports fans, this makes perfect sense.

Know the unwritten rules

There are certain rules of the games that are nowhere to be found other the hearts, souls and minds of those who live by their sports. They are unwritten, however seriously exist. Such as not admiring your own home run ball, or not shooting a basket if you’re winning and time is running out.

Value Fantasy Sports

Dedicated sports fans do not really want to hear anything unless it has to with trading players in fantasy sports. For most people who are not interested in sports generally, it is nearly impossible to explain to them the importance of fantasy sports. They usually think you are just playing any old video game.

The 2009 US Air Force Thunderbirds fly over Superbowl XLIII in Tampa, Fla., Feb. 2. (RELEASED)

They do not appreciate the Super Bowl commercials

Only a non-sports fan will say that the Super Bowl commercials are the best part of the game and will shush you during one where a baby is dressed up like an old person. The commercials are of course fun, but the game is the serious focal point.  Die-hard sports fans think that if you want to watch commercials all day, then you should sign up for a focus group. They mean business and wait for the commercials to end so they can get back to focusing on the game.