The best sports bars in America

If there are two things that the American people love, it’s sports and socializing. So, what did they do? They created sports bars! Mainly a favorite among men trying to escape from household chores, if you’re hoping to socialize while supporting your favorite team in their latest match, want to feel some team spirit from like-minded individuals or just want a bit of fun, a sports bar is where you need to be! Here are five of the best ones in America.

Cover 3, Austin

Cover 3 broadcasts as many major American sports as you can name across a range of TVs spread out across the venue. The bar whips up some excellent finger food, as well as greasy burgers, giant hot dogs and some tasty onion rings too! The atmosphere is almost electric, so if you’re after a great vibe over anything else, this is the place to be!


Sports Grill, Miami

Simplicity is key when it comes to Sports Grill in Miami. They offer exactly what you want from a sports bar without making any unnecessarily fancy additions. They sell excellent food, with their wings being famous across Miami, and their drinks aren’t too pricey either. If you only want good bar snacks, a great range of cheap drinks to choose from and the option of being spoilt for choice because there are just too many games on offer, Sports Grill is the place for you!


Battery Park Bar & Lounge, Boston

Everyone in the world knows how much Bostonians love their sports – and how much more they love supporting their sports teams too! They’re the kind of people to live in the team jersey, on the team baseball cap and schedule their life around every meet and game. That’s why Battery Park Bar & Lounge makes for the perfect place to go and watch your next game. With 15 different TV screens, you are completely spoilt for choice no matter what kind of sport you want to watch.


Society Sports & Spirits, Denver

Sports bars can seem like quite a grown-up place to be, usually full of older men in large groups, supporting their team, so it’s quite refreshing that Society Sports & Spirits is popular with a much younger crowd – this also creates an entirely different type of energy in the bar too! Excitement and passion are available in abundance here, along with an excellent range of whiskeys to boot. This is the ideal location for a messy night out with your friends, celebrating when your team wins – or perhaps drowning your sorrows instead!


The Garage, Los Angeles

Everything in LA is a little bit extravagant, to say the least, and when it comes to The Garage, this is no exception. There are 12 different beers on tap at the bar and 22 different flat screen TVs lining the walls of the bar. In addition to these TVs there are multiple big screens outside in the patio area, so on a hot summer’s day, you can soak up the sun while still enjoying the big games.


The next time you want to watch a sports game in style, consider one of these sports bars instead of taking a few beers over to your mate’s house. Sports bars will give you an experience unlike any other, especially these ones!